Everything you need to know concerning Monalisa Touch

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Menopause affects the reproductive health of women because it is associated with hormonal changes that affect the health of your vagina leading to vaginal dryness, pain, and burning. As a result, most women seek various treatment options to help improve their vaginal health and experience sexual pleasure. Monalisa Touch is an example of a treatment option that helps alleviate the symptoms of menopause and improves your vaginal health. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and you are interested in using Monalisa Touch for relief, Monalisa Touch® New York specialists provide a solution to your problem. The specialists ensure you understand the treatment, how it works, and its benefits before developing a customized treatment plan for you. Below is all you need to know concerning Monalisa Touch.

What is Monalisa’s touch?

Generally, it is a non-invasive laser treatment used to restore and improve your vaginal health. It involves using a device that emits laser energy which promotes vaginal mucosal revitalization. The primary function of laser energy is to stimulate collagen production. Collagen refers to a structural protein responsible for vaginal strength and elasticity. It also improves blood supply to the vaginal mucosa, moisturizing your vaginal wall.

Are you a good candidate for Monalisa touch?

Normally, your health care provider begins by performing a thorough evaluation to help determine if you are a good candidate for Monalisa Touch therapy.

What is a genitourinary syndrome for menopause?

It refers to symptoms that affect your urinary and genital health. They include urinary urgency, recurrent urinary tract infections, lack of lubrication, vaginal irritation, burning and dryness, urinary incontinence, and painful intercourse. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek medical help.

What to expect during Monalisa Touch treatment?

Your health care specialists begin by informing you what you should expect during your initial Monalisa Touch treatment appointment. The treatment usually takes a few minutes, and no downtime is needed after therapy. Your first treatment involves three sessions which are six weeks apart. After treatment, most women find relief from genitourinary syndrome symptoms. Their quality of life also improves after the three sessions. The results of this therapy usually last for a year or more. After your first treatment, you might need one session per year to help avoid urinary discomforts and maintain vaginal lubrication.

What to expect during and after your treatment?

Most women usually experience minimal heat and buzzing sensations during the treatment. The sensation is only felt for an hour, and you can resume your daily chores or work after that. You can also engage in sexual intercourse after approximately three to seven days. During this time, most women experience increased lubrication and improvement in sexual satisfaction. Vaginal elasticity and lubrication continue improving with the second and third treatment but begin decreasing one year after your treatment. You should have an additional treatment to improve your vaginal health for one more year during this time.

Vaginal health improves sexual satisfaction and reproductive health in women. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the named genitourinary syndrome symptoms and want to use Monalisa Touch to solve your problem, you can get started by calling or consulting Dr. Inga Zilbestein, MD, today for more information.