Labiaplasty and what it is all about

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Operations that involve any areas around your reproductive regions are associated with much scrutiny and stigmatization. This is especially the case for those concerning women. This is because traditional cultures often link reproductive problems with immorality. However, in recent times, these procedures that maintain women’s health have become popularized by developing specialized facilities. An example of such a procedure is Labiaplasty Upper East Side. More about this operation and its benefits are discussed below.

What is a Labiaplasty?

This is a surgical operation that is performed to decrease or increase the size of the skin folds that fall on your vagina and urethra. This surgery aims at reducing possible cases of discomfort as the excess skin may be caught or twisted during intercourse, physical activities, and exercise. Its other uses are gender-affirming surgery or cosmetic reasons to improve how your labia looks.

The skin folds from the labia are fleshy to protect the external genital organs and become covered with hair after puberty. There are also tinier folds that protect the vagina and urethra opening. A labiaplasty involves the surgeon:

·         Injecting a filler substance to enlarge the labia

·         Eliminates some tissue from the labia to decrease its size

·         Reconstruct your labia from other tissues

The reasons for wanting a labiaplasty are many. Some of the physical and medical causes include:

·         To improve health and hygiene as a lot of tissue may make cleaning challenging while inhabiting bacteria that may result in contracting urinary tract infections

·         To decrease the size of the labia, so it does not protrude forward. The excess tissue can turn, twist, get tugged, or pinched, causing irritation and physical discomfort during intercourse, exercise, or physical activities.

The various emotional and cosmetic reasons for getting a labiaplasty include:

·         To decrease the uneven shape of the labia lips as one may be shaped different or longer than the other one

·         To maintain a youthful look after sagging due to aging or childbirth

·         To enhance confidence, comfort, and sexual well-being about your genital appearance during sexual contact

·         To eliminate the visible lines, camel toe appearance, or bulges when wearing leggings or body-conforming pants. The excess labia tissue may also be uncomfortable when wearing tight-fitting clothing

The surgery may also be done to affirm gender. Existing genital tissue is used to build the labia. The operation typically happens before or after the reconstructive surgeries.

The reasons for having an oversized labia include:

·         Pregnancy and childbirth

·         Menopause or other age-related hormonal changes may cause one labia tissue to be thin, making the other one protrude beyond

·         Genetics

·         Weight changes

The two general approaches for labia surgery include:

·         A trim procedure involving evening up of one or both sides of the labia tissue

·         Wedge procedure whereby a pie-shaped portion of inner tissue is removed and stitched back to maintain a natural look

The labiaplasty procedure involves the reshaping of your outer labia tissues. Since it is a corrective procedure, various approaches can be made when dealing with specific issues. For any labiaplasty inquiries, check our website out, or call our offices on Upper East Side, NY.