What You Might Not Know About High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is one of the most common chronic illnesses, affecting a majority of the population globally. It can lead to severe health complications or death if not well managed. That is why you should work to keep your blood pressure in check with the help of medical experts like Dr. Kalpana Desai. You will note that most doctor appointments begin with a blood pressure test. This is because many people with high blood pressure are not aware of the issue. The condition has no symptoms, and you may only realize you have high blood pressure when you get tested. Discussed below is more information about high blood pressure.

Young People Can Also Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has always been associated with seniors. But that does not mean that you cannot get the condition as a young person. Although it is more common in adults and a leading cause of stroke, it has recently become a rising concern among younger people. This could be due to the increasing risks for obesity and type two diabetes among this age group. Therefore, your age should not hinder you from getting tested for high blood pressure. Consult your doctor to find out how often you should get tested.

High Blood Pressure Has No Symptoms

Many people sometimes refer to high blood pressure as the silent killer. This is because you will only realize you have the condition once you get tested. It would help if you made it a routine to get tested even when you feel healthy. Your health might be at risk even if you do not have symptoms, and it is wise to take reasonable measures to safeguard your health. Therefore, do not wait for signs to show up for you to get tested for high blood pressure.

Some People Are More Likely to Experience High Blood Pressure Than Others

African Americans and women are more likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure than other people. Women with high blood pressure risks who become pregnant are more likely to experience complications during their pregnancy than others. Some types of birth control can increase a woman’s chances of developing high blood pressure.

African Americans, whether male or female, are more likely to experience high blood pressure than other ethnic or racial groups. Medical experts think that this has something to do with increased risks of obesity and diabetes in the group.

Blood Pressure can Indicate other Medical Conditions

High blood pressure can be an indication that there is an underlying condition. It can be a sign of a serious disease, and that is why your doctor might order other tests when they find you have high blood pressure. High cholesterol, sleep apnea, kidney disease, and diabetes are some complications that can cause high blood pressure. Correspondingly, high blood pressure can put you at the risk of developing a heart attack, peripheral vascular disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke.

Excessive Salt Could Raise Your Blood Pressure

Sodium intake is essential for your body but should be regulated. Too much sodium increases water retention, increasing pressure on your blood vessels and heart. It is best to minimize your sodium intake if you are at risk of high blood pressure. It is prudent for the general population, at risk of high blood pressure or not, to avoid excess salt.

Anyone can have high blood pressure even without knowing it. The best thing is to get tested and learn how to manage it before it leads to serious health complications. Get in touch with the specialists at Integrated Family Medical Center for help.