The Definitive Guide Buying an Eco Plus Oven at Best Price in Bangladesh

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A good microwave oven is essential in modern houses. Not only can it be used to make delicious recipes, but it can warm up food in seconds without taking away from the original taste and flavors. 

Another good thing about using the microwave oven is that it doesn’t take out the nutrients from the food – thus, it’s the best of both worlds and something that makes it much easier for us to remain healthy in our tightly scheduled lives.

One of the best microwave ovens in the market is the Eco Plus microwave oven. It has all the functions you could want in such an oven, and it comes at an affordable price with easy, functional buttons. 


With 25 liters of capacity and a sleek matte-black ONYX color on the body is quite the stunner. The oven is a reasonably medium-sized rectangle with a side panel that has numerous touch buttons neatly arranged in three rows and four columns.

These buttons are very responsive, and they are installed under the glass, rather than being protruded outside. The construction and the responsiveness of these buttons are outstanding – just tap with your finger and make them work instantly. 

It’s relatively easy to work with this oven because the functions of all the buttons are written down under each of them with white letters and numbers. With such clear labeling, it will be much more convenient for you to use new functions without consulting the booklet every time.  

There are ten functions in the auto menu, each of which are set as an automated temperature and time specification. This makes cooking simpler for you by letting you start cooking the dish simply by using the trigger of a single button. 

Another button on the panel will let you directly add 30 seconds to the cooking time that has already been set. 

There are other features like multi-stage cooking, a defrosting mechanism, a signal for ending the cooking session immediately, a kitchen timer, a regular clock, and finally, a child lock button. 

For operating with full power, this oven will require a voltage of 230V and a frequency of 50z. The total output of the oven will never exceed 800 watts of energy. There is also a filter band inside that will cut out the grease and prevent any nasty accumulation of germs inside. 

This is an oven that will enhance your food taste and assist you in keeping up healthy eating habits. 

Key Features

You should look at some of the features of this oven in more detail before you decide. So, here they are below. 

  • 10 Different Auto Cook Options 

There are some particular kinds of dishes that always require the same settings of time and temperature. Setting up the specifications of a dish before cooking always takes an annoyingly long period. 

But with ten different options on the auto cook feature, we can assure you that you will be saving a lot of your energy. 

Using the auto cook is very easy. You will see that the buttons on the side panel of the oven have labels on them. After putting the dish tray with uncooked food inside, you will have to tap the appropriate button to start cooking. 

There are different options for cooking fish, meat, vegetables, soup, cake, pizza, potato, etc. Once you choose the corresponding button, you will see that a timer and a temperature has come upon the small LCD screen on the top of the panel.

You will hear two beeps, and then the food will start cooking. See? An entirely simplistic method. 

  • 30-Second Button 

Now, in case you want to add some extra time to the automatic settings of any dish, you can just tap on the 30-second button and do that. There will be no other hassle like settings up the timer again. 

As you keep using the oven, you will find that 30 seconds is a very decent amount of time for a significant difference in the cooking process. 

The small increment of 30 seconds lets you have a good amount of control over how your dishes are being cooked. 

  • Child-Safety Lock 

We are all busy nowadays, but life moves on, and you have to have children, right? And when you do, you have to take special care to ensure that the child is in a safe environment. 

According to our knowledge, children are especially drawn to buttons and things that they can break. So, they will often make their way to the oven, and it will be a very hazardous situation for them. 

That is why the Eco Plus microwave oven comes with the full-fledged child-safety lock. This lock will disable the oven’s functions and make sure that your house is a safe place for adults and children alike. 

  • Multiple Stage Cooking 

It is almost like the auto cook feature that we discussed just now. The only difference is that you set up the time and temperature for each of your own dishes this time, rather than just tapping on an automatically specified set. 

You can also save the new time and temp settings you’ve made and store them in the oven’s memory for quick utilization next time you’re making the same dish.  

  • Defrost 

Things that are kept in the freezer can be put inside the oven and warmed up properly. To ensure that the defrosting will happen in accordance with the oven system, the defrost option is preinstalled in the panel. It’s one of those one-tap automated buttons like that in the auto cook one. 

This feature is very convenient because it helps you save time waiting for the beef, for example, to come to normal room temperature. 


  • Comes with a child lock safety 
  • Big capacity for a medium-sized family 
  • Ten different levels of auto feature options 
  • LED display shows the timer and the temperature very clearly 
  • Clearly labeled buttons that make it easier for you to operate the oven


  • Starts to malfunction after a few months of moderate use  


If you are looking for the best microwave oven price in Bangladesh, then there’s no deal better than this one. This EcoPlus oven has everything you might require from a microwave oven, and it comes at an affordable place as well! 

So, hurry before stocks run out, and get your healthy food habits going.