Best Kratom to Get High

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Kratom users decide to use a particular kratom strain depending on various factors. One of which includes the effect that one intends to achieve. Therefore several of them end up using kratom to get high. Which means elevating an individual’s mental activity and, in turn, raises one mood. This state is known as euphoria. Euphoria is a state where one feels very joyful, filled with happiness, mental, and physical excitement.

Kratom is used to make one high since it contains alkaloids. These alkaloids usually enter the bloodstream and bind to opioid receptors. A message is sent to the nervous system, which results in mood elevation. Below are some of the kratom strains that are best and commonly used in getting one high.

Best Kratom Strains to Get High

Of the three main kratom strains including, red, green, and white, the green strain is mostly consumed by individuals who intend to get high. Browse this website for detailed reviews of best kratom strains.

Green Malay Kratom

It is the best of all the strains when one needs to elevate the mood and get high. During preparation, it is made from mature leaves that are dried. The leaves produce a particular aroma that is not soothing. The aroma is also said to produce some energizing effect. It is also commonly used to ensure that the euphoric effect is prolonged. 

White Borneo Kratom

Most users prefer this strain to the rest, especially when one desires to acquire an all-over and overall experience. White Borneo’s aroma is known because of its energizing and mood-elevating effect and thus becomes the favorite for most users. It also balances the energizing and mood-boosting effects.

Red Malay Kratom

Like green Malay, red Malay is also obtained from mature kratom leaves. Red Malay’s aroma causes mood elevation and also has some relaxing effect. Therefore, it is best for users who want their mood boosted and, at the same time, want to feel relaxed. However, the aroma is not that appealing according to users’ experiences.

Green Thai Kratom

In most cases, it is similar to White Borneo in that both contain balanced options, which means that the energizing and mood-elevating effect is the same. Hence it rarely causes overstimulation or fatigue, making Green Thai a significant euphoric strain. However, it is considered less potent due to its balanced nature compared to the green kratom strains.

Maeng Da Kratom

It is the most potent of all the above and thus not advised for most beginners. However, users prefer it due to its high energizing effect. This kratom strain has a higher energizing effect and slightly boosts the mood compared to the other kratom strains. Therefore, it is the best choice for individuals who intend to simultaneously elevate the mood and get energized, making one feel high. Of all the kratom strains, Maeng De is the one that contains a higher concentration of alkaloids and thus causes an adequate stimulating effect. The onset of the effects is fast and is at a higher intensity. Thus it is not encouraged for users to take it for their first time.

Gold Maluku Kratom

This strain is prepared by fermenting and drying kratom leaves so that they can assume a gold color. By prolonging this process, it becomes the best in that it produces a lighter effect. Since it causes some relaxing effect, it elevates mood, and at times, is used to enhance sleep.

In a nutshell, all the above strains cause some euphoric effect and differ according to individuals’ tolerance levels. Some will cause an elevation in the mood and energetic effect. Others will ensure one concentrate and can work out complex tasks. To be high, one must take the specific dosages of kratom choice as it should be. There is no need to take too high dosages as it may cause sedation rather than euphoria. It may as well cause more unwanted effects.