Why Should You Choose Paid Email Service at Email Hosting Providers?

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Why Should You Choose Paid Email Service at Email Hosting Providers? Your email address carries out the first impression on your customers. And if you have a professional branded email address, you build credibility for you and your business, which further sets you apart from generic email id. On top of that, a professional branded email address can lead to improving collaboration and communication among team members and help organize your business too. Today, emails are getting combined with the web hosting package.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service delivered by many web hosting companies in India these days. It helps you send and receive bulk emails at a go. These emails are configured like the web servers. They come with a completely different configuration. Because not every organization is able to own email servers, this is why email hosting options is growing as a service. Email hosting providers can provide business emails and enterprise emails.

  • Business email: Opt for business emails if you are looking out for a reliable and easy to use email solution that can allow you to send and receive emails across several devices easily.
  • Enterprise email: Do you want a powerful and feature-packed suite that can provide you with the benefits of business email bundled with productivity tools for collaboration and enhanced work management, then enterprise email is the right option. This kind of email also enables you to expand your group, team, organization, customer base quickly.

Emails are available for free. Why go for a paid email service?

In the market, a large number of free email service providers are available. What makes you go for emails hosting providers to pay for email hosting? Here are some basic reasons. When you go for free email service or create an email id with a free service, your id will have the domain name of the service provider. For example, if you create a free email id on Gmail, then it will be

In contrast, when you go for a paid email service provider, you will get the domain name of your business email in the email id. For example, if the name of your business is ‘EmailCorporation’, then you can get the email like:

In case, your business mail does not have the name of your domain, then you will give the cheap, unreliable and unprofessional impression to clients. There are a few more drawbacks of using email services from a free email provider. You won’t get the significant opportunity of building your personal/professional brand. It will be difficult for your contacts to remember your long and vague email address. Also, you can see ads in your email interface and in the emails that you send out to your customers. With the help of a professional email hosting provider, you can get professional branding and memorable email addresses. And you don’t see any obtrusive ads on these services.

The best part is that even if you have a domain name with another provider, you can use another email service. In that case, the email hosting company can promote you to enter an existing domain name OR buy a new one from the service provider during the purchase process.

How to choose email hosting provider?

Almost every web hosting company can provide you with email services. It is, therefore important to know what you would like to look when choosing an email hosting provider. Here are some of the things to consider before choosing the email service.

Exchange and WebMail

There are some companies that are not ready to allow webmail access to your email. Or else if the service providers give you the access, they may not be set up to give you an exchange email. So, before choosing a service provider, make sure they are giving you webmail and exchange access as per your needs of the hour. With that, you can reply to emails from wherever you are.

IMAP/POP and SMTP Access

The second thing is to check the kind of email access you will get from the service provider. POP and IMPA are protocols used to read and access the mails. On the other hand, SMTP is used for sending the mails. So, do research and choose an email hosting company that can enable you to choose the protocols you need.

Email Filtering

Also, your email package must have email filtering feature. This feature enables you to organize your mails on the basis of already set rules. With this feature in place, you can prioritize emails.


Security is the utmost concern. Make sure how secure your email accounts it before choosing the provider. This is because the anti-virus check, spam filtering, firewall, etc. can help you create a hassle-free email experience.

Some More Features

24/7 support service, auto-responders, etc. are other sets of features that email hosting company should be ready to offer. With the auto-responders feature, you can automate most mails from your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Initiate contact with BigRock and get the web hosting service today to earn creditability, improve collaboration and communication with professional brand emails.