3 Tips on Art Display for a Striking Interior Decor

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3 Tips on Art Display for a Striking Interior Decor. Buying expensive pictures and paintings is not enough; one has to display them tastefully for maximum emphasis and effect. On the other hand, something very simple, like even your childhood photographs can adorn your walls beautifully just by the way you have displayed them. The art display is not only something that plays a role in museums. Even in your own personal space, like in your office or home, you can have the most striking effects with the help of art display, which is in fact, one of the classiest interior design ideas. Here are some tips for starters:

  1. Innovative Placement: It might be possible that you do not know much about the nuance of art display and so you can call in an interior decor designer to do it for you. For example, the traditional method is to hang the paintings on the wall one after another. However, you can try something different and hang them from a ceiling cable near a corner. Or you can put a cluster of small pictures in a stair-like effect. Or you can have a three-dimension background painting and let a simple work capture your attention as the centerpiece.
  • Tying Up the Look: You can also hang pictures innovatively as you go up the stairs- the wall by the stairs is an absolute favorite spot for such a display because you can use it to tie the look of both the floors above and under it. You should also think out of the box and place a stand in circular design in the middle of the room with pictures all around it so that they can be visible from all sides. However, it is essential that any kind of art display goes in sync with the entire décor of the room. You cannot put something very stark and contemporary right in the middle of an Edwardian or Oriental styled drawing which has bejeweled vases strewn around. If you want to play around with different styles, then it is better to have separate décor for separate parts of the house, or else throwing everything together might be too eclectic and someone not knowledgeable about art will just miss the point.
  • Protecting Art Work: Be mindful about the areas where you put up the artwork. Buying good art is like an investment, so you have to be careful about protecting it as well. Try not to put your artwork- be it a painting, or a sculpture, too near reach. It might easily get scratched or broken. Try to put them in an area where it will draw enough attention but will be well out of reach of children, or well, tipsy adults.

So with new methods of art display, you can easily turn your living room into a spectacular area and you will soon draw appreciation for your taste. You can easily contact best interior designers in Bangalore to help you pick up the right kind of art for your home, depending on your taste.