Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business to Forge Way Ahead of the Competition

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Marketing Tips for Your Business – In 2019, it is imperative for your business whether big or small to be on Instagram, the most popular and powerful social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram provides a robust marketing platform for reaching potential customers practically from all corners of the universe. We know that you must increase your Instagram following steadily in order to enhance your overall marketing stratagem.

As your precise brand gets more exposure to a larger audience, you would gain more followers. Let us examine some expert Instagram marketing tips that are not only easy to follow and implement, but they would also help you to grow effectively as a brand. Here are some tips from some experienced and qualified social media marketing specialists.

Consider Switching to Business Profile Earliest Possible

As per, before you chalk out an effective Instagram marketing strategy, it is important to make sure that you are having a business account on Instagram. It is certainly quite easy and hassle-free to convert your current Instagram personal profile to a specialized Instagram for Business account. You simply need to go to your settings. Then click straightaway on “Switch to Business Profile” for getting started.

Instagram for Business account is quite similar to Facebook’s business profiles, very much complete with call-to-action, contact, and allowing users to text or call or email the business. Business profiles not only have the contact option, but they also have easy access to valuable analytics or insights that provide users with an important impression, as well as, engagement data. If you are having a personal account on Instagram, it is a good idea to switch to an Instagram business account to take maximum advantage of all these special features. 

Insights prove to be immensely beneficial. You must direct your efforts at tracking metrics for clearly understanding your target audience. Once you come to know about the way your target audience is interacting or engaging with your precise content, you could consider making suitable tweaks to enhance your engagement.

Be Determined To Use Effective But Free Instagram Tools

You could leverage powerful and free Instagram tools for boosting your business. Using Insights, you could see statistics such as engagement data, impressions, etc. You could even consider breaking down your follower demographics of all your followers including information relating to location, age, gender and truly active hours. Moreover, insights are definitely not generalized. 

You could get important specific insights on your Instagram posts for the entire week which demonstrates to you precisely how many impressions are earned by you for that time span and what proved to be your top posts. These Instagram analytics tools are invaluable since they could be utilized for understanding precisely how Instagrammers are interacting on the platform with your specific content. When you know more about your target audience, you could accordingly adjust your Instagram content for boosting engagement. 

You must know all the Instagram filters, editing tools, and special effects. You could seek the services of your professionally qualified and highly-talented creative team for manipulating your pictures to generate visually appealing and compelling pictures. This would help you gain several real Instagram likes.

Use Instagram Stories Judiciously

If you are having a business account on Instagram and you are hoping to reap the fruits of being on this powerful and highly popular social media platform, you must take advantage of Instagram stories. It comes on top of your follower’s feed. Your fans and followers are able to view multiple posts consecutively from you. Instagram Stories feature is a boon for marketers. You no longer need to convey your brand message via just one picture; you could now use a string of pictures for telling a narrative.


Cross promoting is of vital importance. You must share your post across all other social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, etc. along with putting the post on Instagram. This way you could broaden your outreach and boost consumer engagement. Cross promoting is a great way of socially connecting to your specific brand.

Author Bio –Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram likes for her postings.