How To Choose The Best Screen Recording Software For You?

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How to choose the best screen recording software for you? Screen recording becomes the need of the hour, more often than you think. You could be teaching your parents back home some simple tech tricks. Team members may feel the need to explain ideas remotely. You may just want to share how you unlock achievements in a game.

We are not talking live streams here. This post is about screen recording on your PC. We will discuss the online as well as offline options. There are free and paid options as well. There is tons of different software with a varying range of features. We will help select the best one for you.

Offline Recording

The offline recording is by far the most popular option for screen recording. There is no need for access to the internet. You can prepare tutorials and another recording during leisure. You will not experience disruptions due to a shaky internet connection.

The catch is that these are some heavy software. They take up a lot of space on your disk. The recording size is usually on the high as well. Nevertheless, top quality tutorial recordings are a real prospect. Offline recording tools leave you with more editing options. You can give more focus and attention to post-production.

Online Recording

An online recording is quick and easy. Even if you are asked to download software, they usually come in a much smaller size. They don’t eat up too much of disk space. They offer tons of online recording features these days, just like an offline screen recording software.

For instance, a free online screen recorder like this offers just about everything CamStudio offers. The former supports both the popular operating systems – Windows and Mac. It offers a slew of recording options and supports webcam too. Even more, it presents the Movavi screenshot extension, which CamStudio doesn’t. Above all, it doesn’t cost a penny.

Free Vs. Paid

There are both paid as well as free screen recording options. Few projects allow a certain number of free trials before asking you to pay for more usage. The free trial is usually calculated in terms of recording time. After which, your IP address is blocked and usually there are only slim chances to get around it.

Choosing between free or paid recorders depends on the type of usage. If you are into a course or commercial creations, you should consider investing in screen recorders. It’s part of your business expense, which obviously pays back for itself. If you need them for occasional amateur usage, free options are just fine.

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Video format

Video recording format plays a major role in choosing between software. The preferable resolution is HD streaming and recording. However, you should also factor in the video recording size. File formats also impact the recording size. Ensure that the resulting file format is compatible with most devices.

Since you are mostly going to share screen recording, it should be viewable by everyone. Mp4 is the most accessible format for just about anyone. If you are sharing recordings on social media platforms like Twitter, a gif file would be more helpful.