Get the Most Sought After V-face by Asian Women with Thread Lift

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Singapore is always been seen a country which is popular for being not as welcoming of new thoughts. Once averted and repeatedly talked about in secret conversations, there are now bloggers dedicating full websites or FB to writing about their beauty therapies. Despite all that, medical cosmetic treatments still have their detractors. An additional reason for this field’s speedy growth in acceptance came partly from the breakthroughs of medtech, allowing medical practitioners to attain exceptional results with less pain and more rapid processes. Such innovations in ease of use and shortened recovery periods further triggered the growing love and recognition of plastic surgeries in the nation.

V-face with Thread Lift

Aside from glassy and dewy skin, one notable look that a lot of women celebrities in Asia have in common is a V-face. This facial contour is characterised by a small face that is shaped like oval and a pointy chin. 

Thread lift is, by far, the most effective technique that can give women this much-coveted result without undergoing the dreaded surgery. The thread lift is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that uses bioresorbable threads that are placed into the skin in a way to lift it and contour it into the V-shape. This procedure is able to correct the sagging skin and fats in the face and reposition them to their usual place, making the face appear more youthful. Thread lift targets parts of the face, such as the brow line, cheeks, areas under the eyes, forehead, jowls, and jaw lines. And, just like any other procedures, this also has some side effects that may occur following a treatment. Patients should expect to see minor bruising, bleeding, discomfort around the target area, and swelling. These, however, are temporary.

You will not regret going in for a thread lift treatment in Singapore as the results are instantly seen and the treatment can easily be inserted into your daily schedule. You will not need to worry about taking time off from work or getting your usual routine disrupted as this will also not require any downtime. 

Do note that not all are excellent candidates for thread lift. Ideally, this procedure is great for women with mild to moderate signs of ageing who are in their 30s to 50s. 

Nose Threadlift (HIKO)

The nose is greatly central to the overall look of a woman’s face. Blessedly born with a well defined nose gives a definite advantage to how attractive someone’s face looks.

The Asian nose however, tends to present some features which are thought to be undesirable, with meaty nose tips and a lack of definition of the nose bridge. This gives the face a less defined result and the illusion in which the eyes may seem wider apart than where they really are. Nose sharpening treatments are very in demand and are carried out by every aesthetic doctor in the country.

Patients who are looking for a good way to correct their nose can opt for a nose thread lift. During a nose threadlifting, Polydioxanone threads are inserted in through the bottom of the nose and the beauty doctor pushes it all the way to the nasal bridge, hence increasing its height and granting the nose an improved look. If your nose exhibits signs of deviation, the nose threadlift surgery can help to realign it. These threads effectively hold up the flesh. In addition to that, another wonderful thing is that the nose threadlifting also helps to activate your body’s internal collagen production function within the nose tissue. The threads are completely designed for your body and survive roughly 8-12 months.

There is next to absolutely no recuperation period associated with a nose threadlifts. Individuals can take on the treatment method inside of lunch break and even proceed straight back to daily duties right after it is completed. Negligible swelling will heal within the initial few days, typically as a result of anesthetic usage. For ladies who’re currently worried about nose threads, relax knowing that the redness could effortlessly be hidden by applying a tiny coating of foundation. Price: $600-1100

Mole Removal

Moles arise when pigment cells referred to as melanocytes constellate collect together. Although being innocuous or possibly otherwise, moles could be viewed as hideous to women, which typically want to get moles eliminated.  Commonly completed with an invasive surgery, lasers along with other medical choices are today available.

The mole treatment function is a rapid one, taking little around 30 minutes.  Be aware however, that moles can recur in the same location. Amid the different strategies of mole removing, the one with probably the lowest possibility of recurrence is actually surgical mole treatment. But, this specific technique in addition generates a greater risk of scars. 

Mole elimination generally will cost you approximately $100 when implemented at an aesthetic clinic.