What Common Conditions can ENT Specialists Treat?

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After a general doctor’s check-up, there may be a time when the GP doctor recommends you see an ENT specialist. What exactly does an ENT specialist do? And why exactly would you need to see one? This article sheds light on the mystery of ENT specialists and what they can do to help you. You can also visit to know more about ENT specialists in Singapore.

So, what exactly are ENT specialists?

ENT is actually an abbreviation for Ear, Nose and Throat. So if you’re having problems that may be related to the ear, nose or throat then it’s probably best if you see an otorhinolaryngologist, or ENT doctor for short. If you’re unsure whether or not you may have an ENT condition, some of the most common ENT problems include:

  • Hearing Loss – ENT doctors can help determine the type of hearing loss you’re experiencing. It can be caused by many things, such as fluid build-up, ear infections, or the patient’s genetics.
  • Nosebleeds – There are two types of nosebleeds – anterior or posterior. Anterior nosebleeds happen at the front of the nose, and often happens during dry weather. Posterior nosebleeds, on the other hand, start from deep inside the nose and is a much more serious condition.
  • Gastric Reflux – Also known as laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR, gastric reflux is the condition in which food or stomach acid flows back up into the voice box or throat. This can become a serious problem and cause breathing difficulties, choking, or even cancer of the throat.

Issues studied by Otolaryngology extend to conditions that afflict the ear. These ailments might upset your sense of balance and equilibrium, as well as bring pain or tinnitus (ringing in the ear). These conditions are either congenital or acute infections that happen within the early childhood years or adulthood.

In Singapore, surgery at and around the ENT areas is frequently used in order to improve physical defects around the ear, nose, and throat region. Due to this fact, as the face and appearance of a person shares a huge overlap with frequent sites for ear, nose and throat surgical procedures, some surgeries in ENT procedures may be utilised for aesthetic needs. An example of a surgical procedure that can hit both of these reasons would be rhinoplasty (or in lay terms — a “nose job”). However, rhinoplasty done for only cosmetic goals will not be covered from insurance. In terms of price, you should be expecting pay amounts above $7000 for an aesthetic rhinoplasty surgical procedure.


In a planet where digestive conditions are so prevalent, many folks need the expertise of a gut specialist who can alleviate the conditions they suffer from. It is not a simple affair to be a gastroenterologist. Many years of specific practice inside of a hospital’s wing is required before you’re granted your accreditation.

 The most used service performed by gastroenterologists is endoscopy. This is the process of introducing a scope to the person’s body to examine it from the inside. Among endoscopy techniques, colonoscopy and gastroscopy are most frequently requested. As every single process is specific in usage,the physician can thoroughly examine a distinct section of the digestion tract, when the need arises.

However, there are various types of necessities motivating a person to seek services for colonoscopy. Although generally utilized to scan for cancers in the digestive tract, colonoscopy could also furnish the physician with an insight on your intestinal health. This could certainly help them in making important judgments on how to better your bowel health.

Colonoscopy screenings are completed by inserting a smooth, rubber tube up thru the patient ‘s anus. The attending doctor subsequently controls the remote camera connected to the tip, while understanding the insides of the patient’s bowels for abnormalities. In a different, regularly requested treatment known as gastroscopy, the scope is inserted in the body to examine the top of the digestive tract. 

For any gastroscopy, the scope enters through the mouth, then simply carefully directed by the gastroenterologist. The imagery from the micro camera is then simply sent on the screen linked, presenting a clear view of the state on the internal walls of the top of the digestive tract.

If you should be distressed or concerned about pain, you may relax then. Sedation is available for endoscopy procedures. The measures are brief, lasting less than an hour. Preparation for endoscopy requires fasting prior the process. You could be relieved to hear that endoscopy does not need you to stay overnight in a medical facility. Bills from endoscopy are claimable from Medisave and also health insurance.