10 Startup Tools to Grow Your Business

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The main concern of any ambitious entrepreneur is to maintain their startup costs as low as possible. Though numerous inevitable costs are implied to online businesses. That possibly can be reduced in certain operational costs through the help of few commendably aiding tools.

Some several tools and resources can help startups in a manner to minimize the startup costs and these tools are also helpful in saving the time of the entrepreneurs. It is always a plus to create a Wikipedia Page at any stage of your business as it surely adds up to enhance as a growth for the business.

No longer today one has to imagine to have a tool that will help them to enhance their efficacy as they various tools such residing today. And for your very convenience this article has been composed and below 10 such tools have been listed that are ideal for any business startup. Here are the 10 startup tools to grow your business.

1-     Squad Help

Squad Helps aids to find an exceptional and enticing tool for your entity. Though this does not limits its services to just suggesting names for the business. Instead, it also helps in searching for a perfect name for your product, business app, book or even service.

You can initiate by engaging with thousands of their professional/experts that would guide through their agency and naming process. You could also take help from the tool to explore their hand-picked compilation of premium names that are offered at immediate purchase.

2-     Clarity        

It certainly does not matter whether you are an amateur or an experienced entrepreneur. As every business person requires actionable advice at some point or the other during their entrepreneurial journey. The tool Clarity ensures that eager entrepreneurs are provided with a valuable piece of advice from the industry’s most renowned professionals.    

The tool also helps to connect with industry leaders and pioneers from across the globe. The tools also guide how to overcome various challenges that one may face at any point in time. Now whether it is raising funds, scaling your business, analyzing market trends or even help to reshape your skills this tool has all these aspects well covered to help their user.


This is a tool for startups that helps them to better organize or manage business operations and concepts. With the assistance of this tool, you won’t get diverted from the bigger picture of investing in your startup as it aids with every required resource that an entrepreneur would require. helps to validate your ideas and concepts by sharing the vision through the larger perspective.

The tool also assists you by consistently evolving the business idea by helping to identify the required next steps. Thus, helping to shape the business more conveniently. The tool also helps to create more preferable and actionable strategies by implying practical questions that affirm with why’s, what’s and how’s. 

4-     MindMeister

The MindMeister tool is a web-based mind-mapping guide that allows you to brainstorm with professionals in real-time. Other than ideation and project implementation you can also gain help from this startup tool to create presentations. Mindmeister permits you to turn mind-maps to create business-oriented energetic slideshows.

5-     Javelin

Javelin is a tool that keeps it simple for startups to cope up as it provides one-step solutions for lean startups especially when it comes to customer development. It is ideal for investors as it introduces them to a customer that needs and validate new products. It helps to measure the products/ services market potential with the assistance of their pre-designed surveys. As it helps to save time while also speeding up the workflow process.

6-     QuickMVP

Indeed QuickMVP is an incredible tool. Aiding your startup with proven business ideas and introducing newer more practical projects/ features. All this is done to ease and without having wasted time or money. The tools help in documenting and quantifying the needs of their customers via gathered reviews and interviews. You can develop the website or landing page and even test the demand for the ideas.

7-     Just In Mind      

Here is a leading and potential startup tool that is an all in one prototyping solution for mobile and web apps. From wireframes to highly interactive prototypes as available through the tool Just In Mind. They provide the most easily applicable designs that are entirely interactive prototypes from the very start at a single click.

The tool offers an entire range of web interactions and mobile gestures to concrete and builds a pleasant user experience. Through the assistance of the tool Just In Mind, you can create wireframes that are adaptable to multiple screen resolutions for desktops and even mobile devices.  

8-     Balsamiq

The actual mission of this tool is to eradicate the world’s bad interface and to further help build up the websites and software that is conveniently used. Balsamiq is a low-fidelity wireframing accessible to managers, analysts, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone who is into UX. The tool provides extensive docs assistance to improve their software with the latest releases and support features.

9-     Product Hunt    

 The idea of the tool Product Hunt is to launch various platforms for startups. Product Hunt showcases incredible new products each day. It is an exceptional platform for all product-loving enthusiasts. Product Hunt helps its users to discuss, share and geek about every new website, mobile apps, products, and tutorials for creations. It is an essential and very convenient tool that can help you launch your product or startup with the correct and precise steps required. The website functions on a system that allows the user to place their comments and vote on the performance of the system with the assistance of a similar platform known as “Reddit”.

10- Beta List

Beta List is an ideal platform that aids pre-launch startups helping them to attain the attraction that is required by them for the possibility to gain instant success. The best aspect and advantage to gain from these platforms is that it introduces to a commendable and the targeted audience that is required by business startup during its initial stage. Beta List has attained a success rate with more than 3,000 startup founders that we’re able to better comprehend their customers via its assistance.