You can buy High-Interest Rate Fixed Deposit via PNB Housing finance

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You can buy a High-Interest Rate Fixed Deposit via PNB Housing finance. Fixed Deposit is an instrument for investing your hard-earned money by depositing a fixed sum for a fixed tenure at a fixed rate of interest. It is one of the safest and most reliable types of investment options. All banks and most of the NBFCs offer fixed deposit facilities at a varying rate of interest for varying tenures. You should select a financial service provider that gives you the highest return on your deposit and also offers other customer-oriented services. PNB Housing Finance is one such wise choice where you can buy a high-interest rate Fixed deposit.

PNB Housing finance Fixed Deposits

PNB Housing Finance offers various options for fixed deposits to the customers. These options vary concerning the rate of interest on deposit, tenure of deposit, mode of pay-out, and the nature of FD. It helps you to choose an option that best suits you to park your money for a fixed tenure. 

High-Interest Rate FD via PNB:

PNB Housing Finance offers higher fixed deposit interest rates in comparison to other banking institutes and different types of savings accounts. While selecting a bank or NBFC for your fixed deposit account, you must always compare the interest rate with the tenure of the deposit. The FD, which earns you the maximum return for a given tenure, is the best for you. The PNB Housing Finance offers 8.45% p.a for the deposits with tenure of 60 to 71 months, which is the highest FD rate for this tenure.

PNB Housing Finance’s FD interest rate for a tenure of 5 years to 10 years is 8.25%, which is very competitive in the market. Senior citizen gets the privilege of 8.7% p.a. on their deposit for long termed FDs. It is the highest interest rate in the market. 

Other benefits

A plethora of attractive features make PNB Housing finance Fixed Deposit (FD) more attractive and profitable.

  • FAAA- Rating by CRISIL and AA+ by CARE: This indicates the financial credibility of PNB housing finance, suggesting that your funds are safe in FD with PNB.
  • No tax deduction at source: PNB does not deduct any tax on your interest income of up to Rs. 5,000. It gives you a chance to invest your interest amount in any tax saving schemes and earn profits.
  • Premature withdrawal after three months: This feature enables you to withdraw your deposit amount before the maturity date in case you are in a financial crunch. You need not take a loan from a bank or other lenders at higher interest rates to meet your needs for funds. It is indirectly a saving for you through PNB housing finance FD. 
  • Loan against your FD deposits: You can avail loan against your fixed deposits at a rate of 2% higher than your fixed deposit rate. This interest rate is still lower than interest on any other loan and hence is a saving for you. 

PNB housing finance undoubtedly offers you a fixed deposit is with the highest interest rate and many other attractive benefits.