A Look Inside Expert Secrets

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Expert Secret is a book written by Russell Brunson. In this book, the author has given some effective and proven strategies for bridging the gap between time, effort and money. 

This book is actually a map to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and skills into a business. 

Expert Secrets is considered to be one of the best books especially for those people who are into business. This book has a step by step process which shows every technique to do business from start to end. 

In other words from where you are at present and where you want to go in your In this book, you will get an excellent expert secrets summary that not only broadens your knowledge but also helps you in making a successful sales campaign.

What is there inside Expert Secrets?

Before we move further let’s try to understand what is there inside the book. Looking at the book many people get the impression that this book is written for an expert and is not for them. But this is not so – anyone can read the book and acquire the knowledge of the business. 

One of the great things that it teaches is that it makes you realize that you are already an expert and shows how you can take your own expertise and develop the business in the right way. 

Apart from that, there are a total of 22 expert secrets.

Expert Secrets is divided into five sections and among these five sections the first four sections are the foundation: 

  • First Section: In the first section there are three important things and they are – the charismatic leader, the cause and the new opportunity. Russell Brunson comes up with the idea about how to become a good leader and what are the steps that you need to take for becoming a good leader. He pointed out that a person may not be born with leadership skills but if he follows some simple but critical rules he can surely become a successful leader. 

Apart from that, the author of the book also shows how to get your target customer and how to determine people who will respond best to your product. Moreover, the author also gives some essential tips for writing a good marketing message that can be tailored to the target customer. In this book, Russell Brunson also teaches how to show the new opportunity to the people and to make them believe in your cause. After reading this book you will be able to learn how to create true followers for yourself as well as for your brand. Finally, in the first section, the author teaches you how to provide a new opportunity for the target customer and how to convince them so that they choose your brand.

  • Second Section: In the second section the author teaches how to make your target customer believe in those things that you are offering. This section covers six secrets of creating belief and they are – the Big Domino, the Epiphany Bridge, the Hero’s Journey, the Epiphany Bridge Script, false belief patterns, and the 3 secrets. This section is all about creating the culture behind the products that you sell.  
  • Third Section: The third section of this book is all about your moral obligation and the author in this section teaches how to communicate with the readers. This section comes up with six secrets and they are the stack slide, the perfect webinar, trial closes, the stack, breaking and rebuilding patterns, and one thing.
  • Fourth Section: The fourth section of this book is the Funnels which are actually divided into five sections. These five sections are – Epiphany Product Launch Funnels, Email Epiphany Funnels, The Perfect Webinar Hack, The Perfect Webinar Model, the Four Question Close. In this section of the book, the author tries to teach the reader about how to create opportunities for the followers as well as how to make money by helping others.
  • Fifth Section: The Fifth section is the last section of the book and in this section, there is only one secret – “Fill Your Funnel”. In this section, the author teaches how to maximize your funnels and how you can earn potential after you have established your followers. 

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