What Are the Main Types of Badge Reels You Can Buy Online?

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Badge reels are extremely popular at workplaces, where it is crucial to keep ID badges, ID cards, and proximity cards on display. These are badge accessories that have a retractable cord to keep the card close to your body, thereby protecting it from getting stuck in machinery while offering the convenience of pulling it out whenever you need to scan or swipe it for identification. 

Different types of ID badge reels are available online, each having unique features and a distinctive look. The one that you choose for your members depends on the workplace environment and your personal preferences. Here, you will know a few main types of badge reels you can choose for your employees or staff members.

No-Twist Reels

No-twist reels are perfect for workers who need to pull out and swipe their ID badges frequently. They have unique plastic pieces that keep the cord flat when it enters the reel, thereby preventing the badge from flipping over or twisting. It is a significant feature for places where the ID badge needs to stay visible all the time.

Swiveling Reels

Standard badge reels always point down. You may not turn them to change the badge’s orientation as you want. But swiveling reels have a clip-on their back, with which you can rotate the reel 360°. Such reels are perfect for people who want to hang their ID badge clip from their collar or pants pocket. 

Key-Bak Reels 

These reels are ideal for security personnel who need to keep several keys in place and handy. Key-Bak reels have a particular clip and a key holder with which you can attach several keys at a time. Made of Kevlar or nylon, they have strong cords that you can stretch any number of times. They have a self-retracting mechanism, which means the key goes back to its place after use.

Belt Clip Badge Reels

Often used by custodians and security personnel, belt clip badge reels are ideal for those who want to keep their badges, access cards, small tools, and keys in easy access. These retractable reels are best for workers who need to pull out their cards, keys, or tools several times a day. These belt clips are easy to attach onto clothing and give a firm grip to keep it in place.

Heavy-Duty Badge Reels

As their name suggests, heavy-duty badge reels are strong enough to withstand rugged outdoors and industrial settings. Instead of a vinyl cord, these reels have steel wire, nylon, or chain-link cords with fiber-reinforced straps. The wearer may attach such a badge reel to their clothing with a belt clip or lanyard. 

Round Reels 

These are the most popular types of ID badge reels, as they are easily customizable with your company’s logo or colors. They can be either translucent or opaque, and the wearer may attach them to their clothing with a belt clip or spring clip. Some of them also have reinforced vinyl straps that help in keeping the badge attached to the reel.

Custom Reels

If ready-made badge reels you find online do not perfectly match your needs, or you want to turn them into tools of brand recognition, then you can get in touch with a company that can make custom reels for you. You may ask them to add your company logo or print your desired text on the reel’s body to serve the intended purpose.

Non-Magnetic Reels

These badge reels are designed explicitly without any ferrous metals for healthcare and similar industries. Metal parts in your badge reel may interfere with magnets in the MRI machines. If you work in the healthcare industry, then non-magnetic reels without any metal components are MRI-safe.

If you are browsing the internet to find the best badge reels for your workplace, know which type you want before making the final decision. Depending on the usage, industry, and attachment, you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs.