4 ways to keep your employees immersed in their work when working remotely

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There are so many ways that we can motivate our workers to do their best when it comes to their jobs. Thanks to the current pandemic that has sent the world sideways, we are now faced with even more problems for workers, as not only do they need to continue to work to a high standard, they often need to do it at home, too.

A home is usually a place that is often associated with rest, family time, and casual socialization; a place that is supposed to be filled with distractions. So, here are four ways to keep your employees immersed in their work when working from home. 

1- Use a task management service to make sure your employees know where they are with everyone else

Knowing the placement within your task is a great way to keep focused. It keeps people in the know of what’s happening with their fellow workers and whether they’re ahead of a task or not. This kind of service can act as a great motivator and makes teams work far more smoothly as a result. It will also mean that if someone has finished their work, if they wanted to, they would be able to help someone else who might be struggling or falling behind. 

2- Ensure they don’t miss out on industry events

Regardless of your industry, you usually would attend industry events such as a conference or trade show once or twice a year. These are often attended by whole teams who use the experience to increase their knowledge and network.

As the current situation has wiped many events like this off of the board, it has led to the more widespread use of online conference platforms to recreate these events virtually. While these might not involve a trip away, they do provide an excellent stand-in and could be the standard in years to come. 

3- Give them tips and advice on how to layout their workstations when at home

This can be anything from making sure that they have everything they need before work starts, or clearing and creating a space that is solely used for work to help them adjust to the appropriate mindset.

It is also a good idea to lay out everything as they would at work. Keeping a familiar feeling to the office when someone is working from home can help make them feel as if they are in the appropriate space. 

4- Have a good and fun reward system to help them through the week

Having a good reward system has been proven to increase productivity and motivation to work. By setting weekly goals or having an hour towards the end of a Friday to wind down for the weekend might help workers during the rest of the week to make them feel as though they have earned it. This kind of process also gives people more of an incentive to work for you, as they know you reward and care for your employees.