What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Oregon?

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Have you been caught driving without insurance in Oregon? Here are the penalties so you know what to expect.

First of all, driving without insurance is the pinnacle of stupidity, regardless of which state you are in. If you get into an accident and someone is hurt, you will be liable to pay their damages, including their medical bills, loss of earnings and any other future expenses incurred. All of this because you couldn’t make a monthly payment, which would have saved you potentially millions in the long run.

Now that we’ve got the scolding out of the way… In the state of Oregon, if you are caught driving without a licence, you will end up being heavily fined for the privilege. When you break the driving laws in Oregon, you aren’t just liable to pay fines, you’re also subject to intensive monitoring through Oregon’s Department of Transportation for up to three years, they can check in on you every month to make sure that you are still obeying the law.

Here is everything else you should know about the penalties for driving without insurance in the state of Oregon.

Why you shouldn’t drive without insurance

When you decide to drive without a licence, you’re putting your personal safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other road users at risk. We would heartily recommend that you retain the help of a Portland car accident lawyer that could assist you in the event you are injured in a car wreck without a license. You might need a criminal defense lawyer as well. 

Fines for driving without insurance

The fines for driving without insurance in the state of Oregon start with a $260 presumptive fine. If you have to go to court, you will also be ordered to pay between $130 and $1000 worth of court fines.

Driving licence

When you are caught driving without insurance in Oregon, there is a possibility that the police will want to revoke your licence. You may have your registration suspended. You may have your licences banded and you may also have to go through vehicle impoundment. Vehicle impoundment will incur further fees for you to recover your vehicle. Your driving licence will not be fully reinstated for up to three years. When you reinstate your driving licence, you will have to pay $75. To do so.

Proof of insurance

As a person who has been caught driving without insurance, you will have to provide the Department of Transportation in Oregon with monthly proof that you are insured to drive. Of course, this assumes that your licence has not been revoked or suspended.

Damages and costs

If you were caught for having an uninsured vehicle on the road in the state of Oregon because you had an accident with somebody, then you are also liable to pay all of their damages. That means damages to their person and their medical bills, damages to any road or street furniture, and damages to any vehicles involved in the accident.

Don’t Drive Without Insurance

The moral of the story here is that we shouldn’t be driving without insurance. However, when we do, it’s best to do it with a lawyer on speed dial.