Microsoft Dynamics Line Of Tools – Company Needs To Power Up The Productivity

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Microsoft Dynamics Line Of Tools – Dynamics AX, the company is known to offer a wide range of extremely useful products to the business around the globe. From the day Dynamics tools have entered the market, they have experienced a good traction rate.

Their CRM is even known as one of the best in the world as it not only contains superb features to help the customer support reps to interact with the customers, but it also contains various reports generation features to help the teams perform better. Microsoft has been continuously evolving its CRM solutions, and the latest version on the block is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

One of the best CRMs in the world, Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not just a bettered version of the old CRM, but in fact, it contains a host of new features as well. Starting from the enhanced features and more additions in the customer service section to the addition of more and more report generation attributes, the Dynamics 365 is certainly giving a tough time to the other CRM players in the market.

One of the most interesting additions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the much improved, extremely intuitive and engaging user interface. Microsoft has given a serious facelift to its older CRM versions, and has transformed the CRM into one of the most appealing CRM tools to work on. The improved visual aspects of the solution not only make it more attractive but they also make it easier for the customer support reps to work on them for long hours.

Dynamics 365 has a lot instore for the sales and marketing reps too

Apart from the much improved CRM app, the Dynamics 365 has got a completely ramped up sales as well as marketing apps as well. The marketing and sales wings are also developed very smartly. Dynamics users are able to curate and even send out a plenty of campaigns including email marketing campaigns or the social media campaigns using the marketing features.

And, the marketers are also able to trace the performance of every campaign that they create and distribute over the Dynamics tool. This helps the marketers to understand their market in a better way. Plus, it also helps them to curate better strategies to attract the target audience. And, when it comes to the sales team, they are also benefited a lot by the new additions in the Dynamics 365.

They are able to keep a good track of their leads, and they can even get more chances of converting their leads through the lead rating features present in Dynamics 365. Apart from this, the sales and marketing teams can use the insights captured by the customer support team to craft advanced and captivating strategies.

Dynamics AX is now Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP solution offered by Microsoft has been adopted by a plenty of organizations in the recent times. The companies like to use Dynamics AX not only because of its high-end features but also because it has a very familiar interface. Though, Microsoft has been constantly improving or rather evolving the Dynamics AX, but this time they decided to improve it and integrate it into the ne Microsoft Dynamics 365. The most recent version of the AX is known by the name of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations partners. It has got all the required features that enable the company to manage their operations, finances, warehouses, transportation etc.

The software is capable of handling the complete finances of a company, be it their budgets, expenses or invoices, Plus, the ease of using the software makes it all more preferable. By integrating AX with Dynamics 365, Microsoft has taken a bold but a remarkable step. They have clubbed two of their best products that fall under the Dynamics line. By doing this they have certainly strengthened their offering. And, this move has surely shaken up their competitors as well.

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