Fails to Open mywifiext on any Web Browser

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Fails to Open mywifiext on any Web Browser . To increase the WiFi network coverage area of our existing WiFi router, most of us prefer Netgear wireless range extender. Once it gets installed properly, we get a consistent WiFi signal all around our home or business premises. But to install the Netgear WiFi range extender with our currently existing WiFi router.

We have to set up it first, that you can do easily in two different methods. One way is the wireless protected setup which is also known as automatic setup and another method is by using the web browser setup and performing each step manually.

So how to setup Netgear range extender if the web browser fails to open website. Let’s check out that. is used to begin the Netgear Extender Setup Process

To begin with the setup procedure in the web browser, you need to visit the or default IP address. But before doing that, make sure your desktop or laptop is connected well with the WiFi range extender.

Once connected, then visit the web browser and type any of the default IP address that is mentioned above and hit the enter key. These IP addresses can be used as the alternative method if fails to open the Netgear extender configuration page.

What to Do if not Working?

Sometimes, we might face some errors or issue while trying to open local configuration page. It could be due to numerous issues. If such an issue arises, the first thing we need to try to open mywifiext in some other web browser. If it does not work, then, turn off both the current wifi router and Netgear WiFi range extender. Now after one minute, try to turn ON both of them. Once both of the devices got stable and are running properly, then try again to search for the mywifiext net in the web browser.

If unfortunate still the issue remains the same. Clear the cache memory, dump files, and history logs of the web browser. Also, try to clear all the cache and temporary files of your desktop or laptop. Sometimes the previous cache and temp files do not allow to refresh the page and keep displaying the old logs only.

Last Option: Netgear Wireless Range Extender Factory Reset

If none of the above-discussed methods works, then the last option but the most effective method is left is to hard reset the Netgear range extender to factory default reset. This particular step will delete all the configuration and personalized settings that you have done with your Netgear range extender.

To reset it all you just need a paper pin or toothpick. Now press the and hold the pin for 7 to 10 seconds. Once all the LED lights start flashing present on the Netgear wireless range extender, pull out the pin. Now leave the range extender for 2-3 minutes to apply all the settings. Now retry to open the in the web browser.


Our purpose behind this particular article section is to provide you with the best trick to fix mywifiext page open failure in any web browser. We hope that the above-provided method will help you out to fix this issue. If still you are finding the same freely share with us your query through comments.