How To Avoid Getting Spam Emails

2 Mins read

You receive a lot of emails every single day. Unfortunately, not all of them have the same importance for you. The tons of spam overload your inbox in a short time if you do not do anything to stop this. And the problem is not only that you have difficulties in search of an important message. Spam emails can contain the harm of the phishing attack. That is why the effective strategy of preventing spam is a huge part of successful email management. And every person who uses email correspondence on a daily basis, and especially at work, should know the most useful tips on how to stop spam.

  1. Most service providers, especially those that are the most popular, like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, have filters. With their help you can automatically sort the messages you receive into the relevant folders, archive them, delete, or apply any other action you need to. Although you have to remember that sometimes even legitimate messages can be marked as spam with using these automatic filters. That is why you should use filters reasonably and remember about the disadvantage of this method.
  1. Most people subscribe to a lot of marketing emails, having in mind that they will unsubscribe as soon as they realize they do not need them anymore. Marketing emails are required by law to have a special unsubscribe link. It is very easy to use, plus when you unsubscribe from promotional emails of a certain company, it doesn’t mean that you will not receive the emails from other departments of this company. But what usually happens? We start receiving more and more marketing messages from different companies and do not have time to sit down and unsubscribe from newsletters manually. Fortunately, there are email organizers with special unsubscribe features. Keep in mind that you need to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters as often as possible. Otherwise your inbox will be overloaded all the time.
  1. Create a few email addresses for different purposes. Do not use the mailbox that is meant for correspondence with your colleagues and boss for registrations and other stuff not connected with your job. You can create another mail address for online shopping and communication with friends. An additional account can be used by you repeatedly, exclusively for cases of registration on various resources. This address remains active and is used by you and is not blocked by the service providers as abandoned. For example, if you need to receive a message, you leave an additional email address on the website with registration and check your inbox only at a certain time. Even if such an address is received by spammers, it doesn’t harm you, because this is an additional mailbox that is used only for one-time situations. You can create another one without any problems. Need to see more about email1and1 to login webmail.
  1. Some people prefer to use temporary email addresses instead of secondary accounts. Sometimes you need to register on the websites which are known for sending spam emails. Temporary email addresses will be deleted automatically in some time, so you can use it for a while for your own purposes.
  1. Use email management software. Currently, there are a lot of useful tools and mobile apps that can help you protect your mailbox from spam as well as block unwanted senders, and organize your emails. If you don’t want to delete every incoming message manually, you can set up rules in spam cleaners and email organizer apps to automate your inbox management. This will not only save you time, but also make you more productive and organized at work.