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The Basics of Broken Garage Door Troubleshooting

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According to blog sites and research, a number of homeowners have garage doors as they consider these structures as additional assets and a good feature – for securing all the vehicles they own and keeping other belongings inside their garages safe. 

Once you are in a situation of feeling like something is wrong with your garage door, you must be able to know some basic troubleshooting ideas. There could be instances that it would be difficult especially for homeowners without any knowledge about garage doors and garage door repairs. But, having some basic information (at least) would surely help you. This blog post would serve as a guide for you to check out if something is wrong with your garage door. 

Look at Your Garage Door’s Torsion Springs

As you may have been aware, all components of a garage door system are vital to the functioning of the garage door itself – from the smallest up to the largest. And, every single thing has its specific job that needs to be performed. As for your torsion spring which is responsible for handling the tension and pressure during the closing and opening of the garage door, you just need to check if those are intently arranged. If you see that it is broken in the middle area, this only means that the spring has worn out and needs an immediate replacement. Take note that torsion springs are too difficult to handle. This is why DIY projects won’t surely work here. Ensure that only the specialist will do the repair and replacement. Also, you have the option to choose the best torsion spring for replacement. Keep in mind that quality is a consideration during decision making. 

Is Your Garage Door Opening and Closing Manually?

The most common and obvious garage door issue is the difficulty in opening and closing it manually. To further validate, you can test by pulling the release cord of the door and do the manual lifting if the garage door opens and closes fine. If the garage door seemed not to move as expected, then you should know that there is something wrong either with your springs, rollers, and even tracks.

Is Your Remote-Control Working Fine?

Another common issue is your garage door not responding when you are using the remote control. To see if there is something wrong with your remote, try using your wall switch to open and close your garage door. If it does, then the problem is with your remote. The simplest solution here is to either change the batteries of your remote control or replace it with a new one in case the issue is not about batteries. 

How About Your Wall Switch?

The same with your remote control, if you tried checking if your garage door will respond with your wall switch and it does not, then there is something wrong with your wall switch. The common issue is in its wiring. This could be dangerous as well so make sure to call someone trained to do the task. 

However, in case both your remote control and wall switch do not work fine, you must be keen enough to see if there is already something wrong with your garage door. 

Your Garage Door Opens but Just Will not Close

If your garage door seemed to be stuck – it opens but just won’t close, then you must see if there is something wrong with the safety sensors. Safety sensors must be checked if aligned. If not, try to see if you can consider replacement as an option. 

If It Is Snow Time, Check Out Some Ice Issues

When you suddenly notice that your garage door sticks, one reason could be because a bucket of ice is holding it (especially if you noticed the issue during snow time). Among all the scenarios mentioned in this article, surely, you would want this the most to be encountered. Actually, you can just pour some water onto the ice, bothering your garage door, remove those or break, and keep your garage door moving again. 

Look at Your Tracks as Well

If all the above have been checked already but still, you cannot find the cause of the problem, look at your tracks as well. If tracks have been bumped, they could be misaligned or bent. Look closely if this is seen on your garage door and call a team of professional people to do the job.