What You Need to Know About Coin Laundry Services in Sydney

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Sydney, one of the world’s most global cities, is the largest contributor to Australia’s economy. In the last year, its economy grew by 4.5%, contributing over AUD 400 billion in the country. One of the key ingredients in its growth is small business enterprises, which comprise around 35% of its gross domestic product. An example of a small scale business that has been thriving here is coin laundry in Sydney. Why is this business booming in this city? What are the non-negotiables if you seek this service, and how much does it cost? Continue reading to know the answers to these questions:

Why coin-operated laundry is trending

Based on a survey, coin-generated laundromats all over Australia generate around AUD 2 billion of revenue every year. Most of these laundromats are situated in Sydney. Its popularity among locals can be attributed to the fast migration of people in and out of the city. The city government has recorded that only 27.5% of people who live in Sydney stay in one address for a significant number of years. A lot of people move from one place to another, so it makes sense for them not to invest in huge appliances like a washing machine. As a result, the coin laundry in Sydney is becoming a business trend.

Another reason why there are many coin laundry businesses in Sydney is the number of tourists who come and go in the city. It has been noted that around 4.1 million international tourists travel here every year. Additionally, Australia’s oldest city also receives 11.1 million domestic tourists yearly. These coin-operated laundromats have become a great solution for those who like to travel light.

What should you look for

If you need to use this service, you have to ensure the cleanliness of the place. It will help if the machines look brand new and if there is a machine dedicated to those with pets. You need not worry about detergents because they are often offered in the store.

If you are an Australian, you would know how important the environment is. Therefore, as much as possible, choose a coin-operated laundromat that guarantees eco-friendliness. An eco-friendly store has water-saving machines and uses detergents that do not pollute the water system.

Lastly, since you will be spending a couple of hours in this place, it would be highly beneficial for you if the store has a TV screen or a free Wi-Fi service. Having this amenity will give you something to do while you wait for your laundry to finish.

Cost of using a coin-operated machine

Most of the coin-operated machines in Sydney cost AUD 5 per 30-minute cycle. This machine is capable of washing 10 kg worth of clothes. If you need to wash blankets and other heavy fabrics, you may have to pay around AUD 8. Aside from this amount, you also have to factor in the use of dryers. A 5-minute use of dryer often costs an additional AUD 1.

With the abundance of a coin-operated laundromat in Sydney, you do not need to worry about packing too many clothes. If you live here, you do not have to think about high electricity and water bills. These stores will have your clothes freshly washed in an hour!