Real Estate Agency: Ideas for Posting on Facebook

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Real Estate Agency: Ideas for Posting on Facebook – Your real estate agency can have many advantages from using social media. Why? Because you are lucky enough to have so many photos! And I’ll tell you a secret: people love social media photos! So putting photos of houses, both internal and external, is a great idea.

Surely you are already promoting your properties with advertising and advertisements in the local press and magazines. But this method does not always work, especially since the new generations use alternative channels (the web in the head).

No need to spend money!

You don’t have to look for customers, but to attract them with a complete marketing strategy, in which you can use social media and increase customers. These are very simple concepts and are the very basis of Inbound Marketing: attract, convert, close and retain. To find out more about this strategy to find customers online.

In the construction sector, social networks are the ideal way to find customers and increase the turnover of your real estate agency. In particular I suggest you focus above all on Facebook because (unlike other companies like those that work exclusively on B2B) because it is the most popular and most used social media marketing by people.

How to do? First of all you have to create a company page on Facebook and then start creating content, but always remember that it represents your agency, so you must always keep it updated. Real Estate Agency: Ideas for Posting on Facebook

Here are some ideas for your posts:                            

1. Share photos of homes as albums

Your potential customers love the photos! When a house is ready to be sold, take professional photos and upload them to your agency’s Facebook page. In this way, if a person is interested in a certain proposal, he will not have to scroll through the billions of posts that you publish to find it over time (when perhaps he is about to decide to buy it!), But he will be able to look for it more easily among the names of the album.

2. Use photos with engaging content

Writing attention-grabbing content is a fun way to increase interactions on your page. How many of your posts have comments, “likes” and shares? Probably not many. Using engaging content will help you! To know how to create the best content, read How to Create the Best Posts on Facebook.

3. Ask questions with your photos

Asking questions can be another good way to increase interaction with your fans. Open questions can go, but if you use multiple choice questions you will increase participation. In fact, if you request a short comment, many more people will have the desire and the time to respond. In this way you will be able to know what the people who follow you think and to direct the conversation based on what you discover.

4. Celebrate the birthday of the agency or your collaborators

Posting for special events helps demonstrate the human side of your agency. Often, these posts generate a lot of involvement because they concern real people. This agency for example has published photos of a musical evening in front of its showcase.

5. Organize Contests

The contests need work, especially if you want to use them as a tool to increase leads. If you plan precisely or can be a success in terms of involving and attracting new people to your real estate agency page.

6. Keep your fans up to date

Always write the news (especially if good) about the countries where you deal with selling houses. For example, if someone buys a house, he publishes the news. It is important to share what happens in the community with other people who follow your page. Who reads this news, even if he was in no hurry to buy, could find the right incentive to do so! You also share the entry into the market of a new building, successful sales, and all your other activities that may interest the potential customer.

7. Offer advice for the new season

Offering advice and directions for seasonal housework is a great way to add value and avoid just talking about sales. With these suggestions your followers will be happier and the interactions will increase.

8. Promote local initiatives

Sharing information on the area’s activities gives homeowners, or prospective buyers, a chance to learn more about the area and see if it is what they want.

9. Behind the scenes

Your agency’s “behind the scenes” posts are fun and interesting. This is another way to show your audience who is part of your team, your organizational management and your office!

10. Interview your collaborators

Worker interviews are fun! You can thus show your followers that your agency is made up of people and not just computers!

11. Interview your customers

Customer testimonials allow you to let your audience know the opinion they have about your agency experience. It would be the fa social proof of which we talk so much. You can use videos or photos that describe their satisfaction with your work. It’s much easier for people to trust the opinions of your old customers, rather than you saying how good you are.

12. Record a video tour

This is one of the tools in which you will have to invest more. People (as well as photos) also love videos! Record a complete tour of the house highlighting the strengths. This could greatly increase people’s interest in that house, and could be shared by them and seen by so many people!

13. Share the contents of the blog

Do you already have a blog? If you don’t even know what it is, follow our advice and create it now! Facebook is a great way to share the contents of your blog and increase traffic to your site.

14. Share special content

If you have created guides, e-books or checklists, you can promote them successfully through a post that links directly to a landing page to download them. In this way, you can use a good Inbound Marketing strategy for your company, and find new contacts for potential customers.

15. Create fun posts

Your followers don’t always need you! Sometimes he creates funny posts to attract the attention of those who are not interested and make things less serious. A mix of content will help you maintain the involvement of those who follow you.

16. Show what you’re worth

It’s not a bad thing to brag a little, but it’s only okay if you do it once in a while! Share with your audience the satisfaction of winning a prize, highlighting your team.

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Diana Joe is a professional digital marketer in a leading company where she manages the social media pages regarding Real Estate Videography in Dubai. In a meantime she read blogs and write content for different niches.