The Secret of Becoming a Successful Wikipedia Editor

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Like google or CNN, Wikipedia is the name we immediately recognized as soon as we come to. The online encyclopedia rank 6th of Alexa list of the most visited website. If you ask anyone using the internet to find information for you regarding any topic, while a lot of people will turn to Google and the rest will go to Wikipedia. It appears that there is an entry for everything on Wikipedia and almost every burning question is answered by the quickest consultation on Wikipedia. Sometimes Wikipedia becomes the critical part of your daily task.

Wikipedia has many users, but not all are active in making contributions, mostly because they are busy but also because they don’t know the right way. Getting involved in Wikipedia and add something that seems correct for you might not be accurate for the community. As a result, some of them are instantly taken down while others are flagged for being promotional; this may lead to many users in great confusion. While in efforts to clarify how Wikipedia works we have taken insights from some of the professional Wikipedia editing services to share the bigger picture and come up with the walkthrough for any anyone who wishes to be a Wikipedia contributor. Here are the secrets to success.

Get Yourself Registered On Wikipedia

Creating an account on Wikipedia takes just a few seconds if you have a verified email address. Access to, click on the language of your preference on Wikipedia, scroll to the top right of the screen, and there you will find a link for creating an account. And the whole process is transparent and self-explanatory

Understand The Policies And The Guidelines

Before start editing, make sure to go through the information that Wikipedia offers to the new users. This will assist you to avoid any complications in the future. Wikipedia is a potential and reliable source of several different means of information, so it’s nothing to be surprised that the website holds a massive amount of informational guides for how to make contributions on Wikipedia. There are several guidelines about editing, formatting and community discipline, and a lot more. One of the essential guides you must go through first is about the editing.

 To gain access to it, scroll to the left of your screen that reads about Wikipedia. This will reveal entries that have almost everything you might want to learn about Wikipedia. For further information search for the section called editing Wikipedia pages and there you will get a much useful guide to writing Wikipedia pages. The guide acknowledges everything necessary in a professional manner. Make sure that you are ready to add and edit as per the community rules, take a look at the short entry Wikipedia that figures out what is and is not acceptable.

Start Making Contributions

Wikipedia has the objective where anyone can share information either the regulars or the passerby, writing, fixing, adding, and modifying the taken down.  While some of us might be shy about this, we perhaps don’t need to be as it’s an open project and anyone can make contributions to it, but how it all started? The expert editor Rama explains that every article has the edit link at the top and clicking the link will lead you to a form where the content of the material can be edited.  Place your modifications, press, submit, and it’s simple as that. Once you are done with this, you will find more features such as the talk pages and history that are accessible with smaller links. However, some secret codes are taken advantage to create connections, display the images in an article, and add section templates. One can cheat with this arrangement and become familiar to it within a few minutes. You can also see the results of your edits to make sure the desired is achieved before you publish.

It’s quite simple and believes me it is. It’s quite easy to understand how to make edits in Wikipedia entry and fundamentally start making edits to it. However, there are many things that you must keep in your mind among them are the basics such as correct formatting in the Wikipedia style of writing and hence you can refer back to the Wikipedia style manual.

 We have concluded that some things are easier on Wikipedia than others, making edits in the recent Wikipedia entry with the minor modifications appears simple, however, creating a new entry might be more challenging.