Creepy Wikipedia Pages You Should Never Visit

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Wikipedia Page You Should Never Visit – It is commonly believed that the terrifying things in the world are also the weirdest. On the contrary, some of the most bloodcurdling stuff that many people have experienced and have gone through was astonishingly realistic, authentic, and believable. The question is, how you can find that stuff on the internet? The answer is actually simple. Let’s talk about it.

Now that we have brought authenticity in perspective, there’s nothing more authentic and reliable than Wikipedia. Where this modern-day encyclopedia is filled with millions of highly-informative pages created by some of the professional and well-trained Wikipedia page creator, this modern-day information resource has also documented some of the spine-chilling and harrowing stories ever to be told.

Before we start digging a little deeper on this downright creepy stuff be warned that this stuff is 100% fiction free and based on true events. Not only these events and pieces of stuff are fact-checked, but there is some solid evidence for their occurrences and factuality. From the creepy archives of Wikipedia, we bring you some of the most messed up material you will ever come across. Just a little disclaimer, while reading this, you might encounter some extraterrestrial, and out of the world facts and events that you didn’t wish to know, you’ve been cautioned:  

The Hinterkaifeck Murders:

Wikipedia Page

Probably one of the most gruesome murders ever to be reported in human history. Where these murders raised tons of questions, doubts, and curiosities, no one was ever convicted for these murders. A family in Hinterkaifeck was brutally murdered. The father of the family saw footsteps coming towards the house, and later that night, each elder family member was somehow lured into the barn and was murdered. After that killer continued with this killings and murdered a two-year-old boy inside the house. Even after 60 years of investigation, there is still no sign or knowledge about who the murderer is.

The worst childhood nightmare—the boogeyman:

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Albert Fish goes by many names the boogeyman, the gray man, the Brooklyn Vampire, the Werewolf of Wisteria and Moon Maniac. Undoubtedly, one of the most sickening serial killer in American history. Albert confessed to five murders and was considered as the topmost suspect in the investigation of five other murder cases. Although the jury could have labelled him as criminally insane rather, they called him guilty and made sure that he gets executed.

Cotard Delusions:

Wikipedia Page
Wikipedia Page

These delusions are a result of a severe mental illness. A condition in which the sufferer thinks of himself as a dead person and believes that he is in the middle of a putrefying process which has caused him a loss of the substantial amount of blood and various internal organs. However, the interesting part about this sickness is that a solid 70% of the patients think that they are in a putrefying process and are dead, while 55% of the patients consider themselves as immortals. However, Jules Cotard believes that these delusions are linked to feelings of self-hate and depression. Walking and living dead people—patients or zombies? You decide.

Clinton Road:

A ten-mile road found in New Jersey where supernatural existences and happenings are a norm, creepy, right? The road is surrounded by some thick and heavy bushes, trees and forestry—the perfect depiction of places where supernatural creatures are found. There are tons and tons of stories and occurring associated with this place, and going through all of them is almost impossible. From ghost hauntings and sightings of strange creatures to cult practices, witches and Satanists gatherings and spooky appearances of KKK members. The place is the wilderness for everything supernatural and spooky.

The Silent Twins:

You know what they about the twins, double the number double the trouble. Well, if you have seen Steven King’s The Shining, you must know the eeriness that comes with creepy twins. Almost every one of us was terrified of Grady’s daughter, but what if we tell you a real-life version of Grady’s twins existed in Wales? Sounds incredulous? Well, June and Jennifer Gibbons were identical twins brought up by Caribbean immigrants. The twins were too attached to each other that they barely talked to anyone else. They used to speak rapidly, which made communication with others difficult.

No matter how hard their parent tried, the girls couldn’t learn how to socialize or communicate with other people. However, they made a pact that if one of them died, the other one would be freed to live like a normal girl. The sacrifice was made by Jennifer, and she died of heart inflammation although there were no apparent reasons or signs of such condition. Well, that a wrap on the creepy side of Wikipedia. However, if this didn’t creep you out (are you sure, though?) then go online, type and we are sure you will find more creepy stuff there to haunt out nights—till then be warned, be afraid, be very afraid.