7 Creative Ideas To Revitalize Your Blog

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7 Creative Ideas To Revitalize Your Blog. If you are in the blogging business, then you must know that in order to get your audience to engage with your blog, you need to take your game a notch higher.

In order to do that, you need to spend some amount of time and effort in researching the topics you wish you write about.

Once you have enough data, you can use these to repurpose your blogs to a great extent.

Bloggers also have to find a way to re-utilize their old blogs in some way. This can be done by SEO optimization or by incorporating new finds in the blogs.

What would be the benefit? Well, repurposing your blogs and blogging on current hot topics will increase your visibility and bring in more traffic to the site. Plus it can also create potential leads.

So now that you know the importance of your blog, its time to look into a few points that you can use to revitalize your blogs.

Optimize Your Existing Email List or Start With A New One:

Has your email list become stagnant? Are you getting a slow flow of subscribers rather than a huge shower?  Or have you not yet made an email list?

This is the ideal time for you to take action since your email list is the most important aspect which ensures the success of your blog.

So, if you still do not have an email list, it’s high time that you create one.

For those who have an email list, here are a few ways you can use to optimize them:

Ensure that the sign-up forms are in the best location (feature box, sidebars, and of course at the end of the post)

Make sure to create a toolbar containing freebies only accessible by subscribers. This is like a free book strategy, only better.

Lastly, make sure that there are options to subscribe on the pages of the site which gets the most traffic. These are generally the introduction or about pages, the resource pages and other pages that your visitors can visit from the homepage.

Move away from boring sign up forms and add the SEO audit tool similar to Neil Patel or Website Grader on to your blogs. You will see the jump in your email subscribers in no time.

Make A List Of Bloggers Who Writes Quality Content In Your Niche:

You might be thinking, “Why would I do that anyway?” If you have been blogging for some time, then you might have an idea about guest blogging and the sort of traffic and subscribers that you can get.

But in order to reap the benefits of guest blogging, you have to develop your networking skills, to begin with.

In order to succeed as a blogger, you need important people rooting for you, and that can only be done by good networking skills.

Most bloggers are clueless about where to start. But if you have such a list ready, you already know a bit about the way. Plus the entire process will be less time-consuming.

Begin by using sites like AllTop or Technorati along with the blogs which you might read on a regular basis. Then create a list of the best blogs you have read. Blogger tutorials beginners

In the next step, email each blogger. The idea is to break the ice, which can be done with a completed guest blog. 

From there on the journey is relatively easy. Stay in touch with the bloggers, support them in their efforts and soon the links will come to you naturally. This is the way they will show you their support and that’s what makes guest blogging unique!

Offer Something Unique To Your Readers:

Whenever you are writing a blog, try to think from the reader’s perspective. What does your blog offer which your competitor’s blog cannot?

To do this, you need to go back a few years, say 2012. Now try and understand what have you offered to the web which others have not since 2012?

However, in a pursuit to offer something different to your clients do not become completely unique. Your readers should be able to connect with your experiences in some way.  You just need to add a certain twist to make your blogs interesting.

For instance, you will find a lot of blogs about people who have a knack for blogging. But how many of them have come across love Tumblr? In this case, the twist lies in the medium where it is used.

Another example can be or cooking blogs. A lot of cookery channels use videos as their strongest content point, and that is understandable. But how about using videos for your digital marketing blogs?

The idea is to use old wine in a new bottle. It is this twist that will attract your customers.

Use New Contents To Create Fresh Blogs:

In order to get more traffic, most bloggers use various writing techniques. They generally get overwhelmed with the entire process. But they seem to forget that they might be focusing on a platform they are already good at.

Yes, to a blogger, writing is an art that comes naturally, but that does not mean that they should avoid using other mediums of content altogether. Such bloggers can also get extra traffic from being hosted on YouTube videos. Create amazing Youtube thumbnails for your videos and get it in front of your audience.

There are other medium that can be used. A few of which are:




Slideshows with SlideShare




…and such other medium

Interview Some Known Figures From Your Industry:

Interviews can be well understood as a blog kickstart technique that works for almost any niche.

But why interviews?

Here are a few reasons why:

The person you will be interviewing will tell their followers and viewers about the interview and that will bring in more traffic and views.

You will gain the respect of your viewers because you will be bringing in the view from an influencer. This will also motivate them to check out your content.

Interviews often act as social proof of what you are saying and when your claims are backed by some influencer then you become more credible for your audience.

It’s natural to be scared to ask an influencer from your industry to host an interview with you. But it’s worth giving it a short.

However, when you pitch in your ideas, make sure that your emails are short and your request is reasonable. Plus do not send the questions right at the beginning, seek for permission first.

Make Sure Your Sidebar Shows What Matters:

Generally, the sidebar is the only part of the content which has a tendency to turn messy. Bloggers, especially the beginners go on to add way too many widgets to the section on the sidebar. Thus instead of making their site look better, they clutter it.

A cluttered sidebar is a strict “no no” for the following reasons:

Your viewers will not be waiting for slow loading sites as Ideas To Revitalize Your Blog. The wait time they give is generally of a few seconds.

The speed of the site has an impact on the SEO

These are the two  primary reasons why site speed is crucial. A cluttered sidebar affects all that.

Work On Your Knowledge of SEO and SEO copywriting:

If you are running a WordPress blog, it’s crucial for you to understand the WordPress SEO. Most importantly, you need to focus on SEO copywriting if you do not have any idea about it.

The method of SEO copywriting is far less complicated than what most people think. Even if you just focus on learning the basics, you will be in a better position than most bloggers working in your niche.

But why is SEO copywriting important?

It is important because SEO copywriting will get your site better ranking in the search results.  Additionally, it offers a better user experience by making use of old content in a more natural way. It also adds new skills to your existing knowledge about blogging. So use these tips to revitalize your blogs the next time.