The Ultimate Guide to an Effective Guest Blogging Strategy

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There is a way of doing everything perfectly and Guest Blogging has to be done perfectly too. Guest Post Service as a way of Guest blogging has been one of the best and holy grail of marketing strategies. It helps you build so many important connections and also market your bloggers that it is one of the tested methods to gain web traffic, attract people to your posts and also build links. But why is it such a trend now?

The answer of why guest blogging is still a popular choice for many to grab attention to their website. Here are a few tips that can help you to get an effective guest blogging strategy. This is the ultimate guide to guest blogging and we have explained everything in brief to reach your goal. 

How to get started with Guest Blogging?

So as we know guest blogging is one of the best white hat SEO marketing tactics you have on the board, it is required for you to do it the right way. Therefore, make sure you do it right. But there are a lot of marketers who aren’t sure how to begin doing their guest blogging. So here is how you can get started. 

There are two main areas you need to focus and those are outreach and also content creation. 

But before you even concentrate on these two, you need to do a few things. Here they are:

•    What are your objectives? 

When you start a blog, this is the most important thing you need to do. Why do you want to do guest blogging? Why do you want to promote your blog in that guest blog? What purpose is it going to solve? Clear everything out so that you set your objectives right and properly. 

•    Which blogs are you going to target for a guest post?

When you start guest blogging, you need to target a good list of blogs that are already famous and are related to your blog. This is required because you are thinking of linking your blog content to theirs and it should be worthwhile. The blog you are choosing should have overlapping visitors. 

Also, check the popularity of that blog. It should have a good number of shares per post, people should talk about the articles on media and also the quality of comments. The Domain Authority should be high too. 

•    Shortlist your blogs you want to provide guest post services to:

You can use google search, your feed reader or search for the influencers who are in your domain. You can sign up for guest blogging services help websites like MyBlogGuest, BloggerLinkUp. These services help you to reach influencers. You can also take the help of blog directories too. 

•    Once you have decided, the next step is to shortlist.

Do that as soon as possible you have decided to provide your guest post services. Run a quick background check on them and then shortlist them. Build a relationship with them and start doing something good to get their attention. Keep linking their blogs to your posts and show how much you are valuing their content. 

•    Start building good content

Once you are in good books with them, rise to the occasion and offer your guest post services. 

How to grow your blogs outreach?

You have to do that by building a good relationship with the bloggers you are going to collaborate with. You also need to pitch them your content idea. Do them a personal email or a straightforward email where you explain to them your idea. Also once you are done reaching out to the bloggers; you need to manage your guest blogging outreach. You can do that by using a task management tool. You will use it so that it can give your accountability and also sync with the others. 

You need to also keep your ongoing relationship on good terms though it is difficult to manage so many people. Always remember your first pitch will be the learning one. You will easily understand how to make better pitches with time. 

If you are old school and like it doing the Kanban Board style, then you can do it via the physical Kanban board way. It is a great way too!

Excel Template is another option to keep your blog outreach properly. Fill them regularly so that you always know what to do in the next step. 


Thus, when you know how to target blogs and manage your outreach, then you need to manage your content creation. Use an editorial calendar whether your pitches to the posts are being accepted or not. You need to keep up with the deadlines and the content should be top-notch all the time. Thus this is a way to keep your guest blogging go the right way!