How to Double Your Instagram Followers

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The success of your business depends on how much support you get on social media. One of the social networks that can boost your marketing quickly and effectively is Instagram. Building a large following on it is not easy, so we offer you the best ways to double your Instagram followers!

Post more video content

Instagram is currently the 2nd most downloaded app in the Apple Store, and one of the reasons for its performance is the abundance of video content. Users can access and view almost countless small clips on their phones even when they have the slowest internet connection.

If you want to attract more attention to Instagram and double your followers, you need to post more videos. Think of ways of transcending from the classic photo format to having mostly video content. You will have a higher chance of luring in more of your first-time visitors.

Share more stories

The Instagram Stories are quick and relevant bits of information about your brand. You can use them to put one of your services or more into the spotlight. They also work great when you tease new products or host contests.

You need to update your stories every day. It gives viewers the feeling that you are always posting something new. It makes your profile seem relevant and fresh, and most users want to follow accounts that keep them up-to-date with their passions and interests.

Team up with other users

An easy way to increase the number of Instagram followers is to collaborate with other users in your niche. Find influencers that have a substantial audience and ask them to team up by sharing stories or posts.

This simple marketing technique makes your profile visible to a whole new pool of users that are not aware of your existence yet. Most of them will follow your account if your collaborator is from the same industry as you.

Use Analytics tools

You should use the analytics tools that Instagram offers for free to your advantage. This collection of demographics data shows you the ideal profile of your common follower. You can later use this information to tailor-cut your content in a specific way and attract more followers of the same kind.

Grow with expert support

The easiest way to double your Instagram followers is to employ the help of professionals. Experts like Instagrowing can help you ramp up your audience quickly and easily. They offer complete solutions for having more followers on Instagram with maximum security and long-term efficiency.

When you increase your Instagram followers with expert support, you get all the benefits of having a huge audience for your brand. You get more visibility, more popularity and increased authority in your niche. This technique is completely safe for your account and practiced by everyone in the industry.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers without paying for ads, just using the right hashtags may not be enough. Your post will show up on the hashtag search, but with millions of posts already displayed on that hashtag, it’s unlikely to be anywhere near the top. you won’t be getting many followers per month. That is why we say that you should use Instagram Bots Services For Massive Growth so that a large amount of people can reach you.

Use location tags

Some of the best followers that you can attract to your Instagram account are those that live in your area. Consumers tend to have a sense of loyalty for local brands. Some of them will follow you even if they are not interested in your products, but just because they want to show a bit of community support.

Make sure that you include location tags in all your posts so that your content reaches Instagram users in your area. This way, you can increase your following with people that can visit your physical place of business if you have one.

Engage more with your fans

A sure way of building your following fast is to engage more with your followers. Reply to their comments, or tag them in posts and like some of their photos and videos as well. This strategy will bring you closer to your potential customers and show that you are in touch with your audience.

Cross-post on other networks

More than 1 billion people are using Instagram every month. However, there are even more using other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 

Make sure that every time you upload something on your Instagram account, you post it on some of these platforms as well. This way, you capture the attention of people who rarely or never use Insta as their main way of socializing online.

Host quizzes and contests

Another way that you can use engagement to boost your Instagram following is to host quizzes and contests. These simple Instagram features enable you to reach a substantial number of people with fun, engaging games.

Instagram users love competition. So, you can organize a giveaway contest with a symbolic prize, which may be a discount on one of your products or services. Ask them to share one of your posts with their friends as a means of entering the competition. This way, you get their attention and the potential following of their friends as well.