4 Facts About Cosmetic Surgery That You Should Know

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Cosmetic surgery isn’t new, but it is more popular today than at any time in the past. From facelifts by Dr.Kristina Zakhary, MD to nose jobs, eyebrow lifts, and other procedures, people of all genders seek to make some changes in the way they look.

You may be thinking about undergoing a procedure. As you contemplate the possibility, it makes sense to have an idea of what to expect. Here are four basic facts that will help you get started.

Not Everyone is a Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery

While often classed as an elective procedure, cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. Before you can be approved for a procedure, a medical professional will want to assess your current physical condition. The goal is to ensure there are no health issues present that could complicate the surgery or place you at an unacceptable degree of risk.

That does not mean that having an existing health issue will automatically disqualify you from the surgery. In some cases, a condition that’s well-controlled will not be a problem. You may need to discontinue certain medications or over the counter products for a few days before the procedure.

Keep in mind that if the recommendation is that you not have the surgery, there may be other approaches that are safe for use. The surgeon can help you explore these alternatives.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Only Accomplish So Much

Some people have the idea that undergoing cosmetic surgery makes it possible to change the appearance in any way desired. That’s not necessarily the case. It’s true that a surgeon can do quite a bit, even with cases that involve restoring the face after an accident. Even so, there are limitations.

After the examination, the surgeon can set reasonable expectations for the outcome. You will know in advance how much of a change is possible. Thanks to the use of computer imagery, it’s even possible to get a visual peek at how things should turn out.

Consider what can be accomplished carefully. Will it be enough to satisfy your wishes? If so, schedule the procedure. Should you need more time to consider the possibility, rest assured that the surgeon will understand.

Following Instructions to the Letter Simplifies Your Recovery

If you do choose to move forward with the procedure, prepare to follow the instructions for the recovery period to the letter. On the surface, that seems like an easy thing to do. In practice, you may be tempted to cut corners a little. That’s not something that will aid the recovery.

You may be provided with a link like to access most of the instructions. The surgeon may also have hard copies of things that you should and should not do at specific stages of the recovery. Keep in mind that feeling especially well on a given day does not mean you give yourself a break from those instructions. What you choose to do today will affect how you feel tomorrow. The best decision is to stick with the instructions and avoid deviating from them unless the surgeon tells you otherwise.

Cosmetic surgery may be the ideal choice for you. Work closely with a surgeon and listen closely to the medical professional’s advice. Once you know to expect, it will be easier to make the choice that’s right for you.