1. 0. Introduction

SPAMIC is the Salem Pastoral and Mission College.

SPAMIC is the pastoral and missionary equipping arm of Covenant Faith Bible Institute (CFBI), the training arm of Dr. Sam Amaga Ministries. Over the years, the CFBI has been preparing vessels for the end – time harvest. This institution has graduated men and women who are doing great exploits in their various fields today.

SPAMIC evolved as the need to raise generational leaders became necessary. The vision of this ministry is to raise generational leaders for global impact.

Training is God’s foundational tool of raising and empowering people.

The bible says in the book of Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children”

Knowledge is required to excel in every field of endeavour. Training is the cardinal ministry of Jesus Christ. He spent all the time on earth training his disciples.

Thus, a positive use of position to empower people for global impact is what brings about stable leadership succession and impact in the church, worldwide.

It awards Certificate, diploma and Postgraduate Certificates on completion of programme successfully. It is a school ordained of God to raise Him an end–time army, (vibrant youth, men and women).

Pastoral and Mission College (SPAMIC) aims to equip men and women for the missions field and trains them with leadership insight for effective ministry.

Covenant Faith Bible Institute (CFBI) also runs specialized courses for couples and those to be married in the Family and Wisdom Bible School. This programme runs for 8 weeks. (Two months) every Saturday by 4.30pm and on completion, the school issues certificate, of for one month intensive in April every year.

CFBI also runs a specialized programme on Wisdom and Leadership. It offers one month intensive impactful training every month of August. It is designed for busy company executives, captains of industries, government officials, ministers of God, students, etc.. Infact it is for everybody.

1.1 Statement of Objective

The main objective of this college is to take the word of faith , the word of wisdom and the presence of the Holy Spirit to the families of the earth.

  • To raise people to do exploits of faith in the kingdom of God, who are reputable and rewardable by Jesus.
  • To raise people to do miracles, signs and wonders
  • To bring people in close intimacy with the Holy Ghost.
  • To raise people of covenant prosperity
  • To raise a people too strong for the devil to defeat
  • To equip leaders for the church of Jesus Christ for missions to the world

1.2 Our Focus

Men and women who are sound in relevant biblical doctrine and leadership standing; that will be able to effectively do outstanding ministry and lead the church of Jesus Christ in different nations

1.3 Admission Requirements

For the Certificate, and Diploma, we require:

  • A good SSCE/GCE/NECO (at least 4 credit passes), ND, NCE
  • Must be born again
  • Must be Holy Ghost Filled

For the Post Graduate Diploma
To qualify for this programme, you must

  • Have a good HND/B.Sc/PGD/MBA result and above
  • A good SSCE/GCE/NECO (at least 4 credit passes), ND, NCE
  • Must be born again
  • Must be Holy Ghost Filled
  • Have the Degree of SPAMIC (added advantage)

1.4 The Courses

The courses offer an unparalleled opportunity to gain experience from preachers and teachers as well as a deeper insight into the word of God. At the same time we place a strong emphasis on the application of the word to every life’s situation

For this reason the courses are structured to give consideration both to academic study and to practical participation in the work of God. The courses are run on full time basis and are structured for people from a wide range of backgrounds. The part time courses will soon commence in our main satellite campuses.

1. 5 School Calendar/Programme

January – August

(Full Time Bible School)

April Special (One Month Intensive)

August Special (One Month Intensive)

1.6 Conclusion

This college was established to meet the emerging need for broad-based leadership training with an international flavour. It became necessary to train people who are who could influence the world through their various callings and professions in the deeper things of God and equip them with broad leadership skills for the purpose of international missions. The essence is to build Christian leaders who could suitably affect this generation, a people strong in the word, strong in faith, intimate with the Holy Ghost and doing exploit for God.

1.7 Information Contact Details

Mobile Number: +234 (0) 7058109702

E-mail Address:,

This year of The Rains and The Glory, God shall make you an example of his blessings. Power and wisdom to create wealth, to get wealth and multiply in covenant wealth is released to you. This is part of the Rains.
Your blessings shall show forth God's glory in the land. You are not to misbehave with it, it is simply to serve God with it. You shall be a wonder and a spectacle of Gods splendour this year, in Jesus name.

Our Contact Information

1 Faith Avenue, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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