Ministries & Departments
In Salem, we believe that you are saved to serve. Everyone is a Minister, because it is through dedicated and committed service that you can be blessed by God. "And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee." Exodus 23:25.

Locate yourself in one of the few Activity Groups listed and others not listed, so you can grow up in the Lord before you grow old in the world.

These are the ministry groups where you meet and make friends and serve the Lord together. Salem Affinity Groups includes:
Salem Women, Salem Men, Salem Diplomats and Salem Children.
Raising uncommon women who will do exploits for God in their individual calling, home, business and in the society.
Raising Uncommon Women
Salem Women
Raising uncommon men who are great leaders both in Church, at home, and in the society.
Raising Uncommon Men
Salem Men
Raising uncommon youths with strong love for the Lord and wisdom; Preparing the next generation of leaders.
Raising Uncommon Youth
Salem Diplomats (Young & Strong)
Raising uncommon children.
Building Godly Children
Salem Children
These are service unit ministries. They are the departments other than those in the affinity groups and they includes:
A team of worshippers dedicated to bring down the glory of God in Worship.
Pulling Down God's Glory Via Praise
Faith Dynamite Voice
They are teams of dedicated people who are committed to enforcing the master’s mandate in prayer, soul winning and discipleship. This is the heartbeat of God. You are saved to help others get saved.
Dominating With The Prayer of Faith
Kingdom Dominion Force (KDF)
Protocol & Security.
Protocol & Security
Protocol & Security
Lighting & setting the Sanctuary.
Lighting & Setting The Sanctuary
Instrumentation (Technical/Electrical)
Taking care of the Sanctuary.
Taking Care of The Sanctuary
Sanctuary Keepers
Ushering people into God's Sanctuary and making them feel welcomed.
Ushering People Into God's Sanctuary
Visiting/attending to the needs of inmates.
Attending to The Needs of Inmates.
Prison Ministry
Visiting the sick in Hospitals.
Visiting The sick in Hospitals.
Medical/Domiciliary/Hospital Ministry
Ministering to the needy.
Ministering to The Needy.
We Care Ministry (WECAM)
This year of The Rains and The Glory, God shall make you an example of his blessings. Power and wisdom to create wealth, to get wealth and multiply in covenant wealth is released to you. This is part of the Rains.
Your blessings shall show forth God's glory in the land. You are not to misbehave with it, it is simply to serve God with it. You shall be a wonder and a spectacle of Gods splendour this year, in Jesus name.

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