Why are Businesses showing interest in the services of Call Centers in India?

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Why are Businesses showing interest in the services of Call Centers in India? In this 21st century, where competition in the business world is extremely difficult, companies across the globe are considering call center outsourcing an ideal practice to stay in a thriving state. The major advantage business owners gain after outsourcing non-core functions is to stay focused on core competencies. According to the report by Deloitte, 84% of businesses prefer to outsource call center functions to offshore locations.          

Call center operations have always been one of the vital parts of businesses. With inbound call center operations, you bolster your customer base. While seamless outbound call center operations help in the pursuit of attaining fantastic sales growth.

India has an illustrious history of providing unprecedented outsourcing services. Therefore, the demand for every renowned call center in India is increasing. Earlier, a few US companies considered India for outsourcing purposes, but soon they realized the benefits. And now, India has the tag of a perfect outsourcing destination.    

Here are the top reasons why businesses show interest in the services of call centers in India:

1.    Cut down operational expenses

To run call center operations seamlessly, you must invest a significant amount of money. However, if you outsource call center functions, especially to India, you are likely to save a big chunk of money that could have been invested in infrastructure, equipment, staff, etc.     

The factor that will leave you surprised is businesses can save operational costs up to 50% by simply outsourcing call center operations to an external location. The only condition that business owners need to keep in mind is maximum cost-saving benefits can be availed if forces are joined with that outsourcing company which offers flexible pricing.

In India, requisite resources are easily available, and that’s the main reason why every renowned call center in India offers first-rate services at a nominal rate.     

2.    24/7 accessibility won’t be a hassle anymore  

These days, being available round-the-clock is significant for businesses because that’s what customers want. In order to be successful, customers’ wishes should be taken as a command. By and large, SMEs drag their feet back when it comes to running call centers 24/7 as they are worried about their business’s bottom line.

Due to the approach of refusing to provide solutions after-business hours, SMEs start losing valuable customers and face unnecessary acquisition-related problems. The best way to keep business away from unexpected losses, it is crucial to be accessible all day and night. This is where call centers in India come to rescue, as they enable their clients to be an available day in and day out by handling operations around-the-clock.

The best part is that you don’t have to release a big chunk of money for being accessible round-the-clock, thanks to the pocket-friendly 24/7 services of Indian call centers. This happens because India approximately has a 12-hour time difference, which is more than enough to catch the eyes of European and North American businesses.

3.    Highly educated workforce at work     

Skillful workforce has always been one of the major necessities of running call center operations because you cannot hit your goals without it. It goes without saying, you must invest a significant amount of money to get adroit call center agents on board. Again, you find yourself in a situation where you are supposed to compromise with your profit. Here, if you partner with an established call center in India, you can easily deal with investment-related concerns.                 

Every year, universities in India churn out a highly educated workforce. Remarkably, India produces around 2 million English speaking graduates, and this is the factor that grabs the attention of international companies because there is a big difference between the wages of Indian and American call center agents. In simple words, multinationals get access to call center agents well versed with the English language at a nominal rate when they outsource non-core functions to India.

Besides this, other languages like ‘German,’ ‘Spanish,’ and ‘French,’ etc. are also getting popular in India. So, if you are targeting a global market, it’s time to choose India for call center outsourcing.

Final few words:

To be honest, it doesn’t matter much whether you outsource call center functions or operate in-house as the factor that will make the difference, in the end, is ‘Customer Satisfaction.’

And call center outsourcing is suggested to business owners because it is the best method to give undivided attention to core competencies and gain the upper hand on competitors. Thru this write-up, we revealed why businesses are so keen to avail services from Indian call centers. We would like to know what you think about call centers in India, so spare a minute and tell us in the comment section.