Golden Visa: Catch up with all the relevant information

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In the world and Europe, the golden Visa Portugal is a popular program. It is a special program that aims at encouraging the investments from the nationals who are non-Europeans. With this visa, one can avail of the advantage to get a permit for the residency in the regions of Portugal. It is not only a single benefit that is available with this program. There are many other benefits also, including good options for investment to obtain citizenship within 4 to 6 years. In 2012, this program came in the introduction. After its launch, over 4000 visas have been passed in Portugal. This report represents the investment of billions is successfully made within the country.

All the investors who come from Switzerland or EU/EEA need not require to avail of the Portuguese visa. Though, it is necessary to register their residence in the country. Most often, the visa programs are shifted in the blacklist by the Organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD). Though, this golden visa is not under the blacklist yet. When you’re willing to stay in Portugal, then you’ll get to live in a safe surrounding with good education and healthcare facilities.

What are the essential requirements for obtaining a Portuguese visa?

If you’re not a national from European countries, then also you can easily apply to avail the golden visa Portugal or either the investor visa. If you’re choosing investment as a strategy to claim over your residency in Portugal, the consider the following points in advance:

  • An investment made in a medium or small size firm for EUR 500,000. This is the minimum amount while you can avail for any amount more than or equal to EUR 500,000.
  • Don’t miss to invest in the culture, art, and heritage in Portugal with a minimum of EUR 250,000.
  • Invest in the real estate business and own a property worth EUR 500,000.
  • Make a capital in Portugal with a minimum of EUR 1 million.

Who can apply to avail the golden Visa?

There’s no limit on the EU or EFTA nationals to apply for the golden visa. Once you’ve made a proper investment dealing in Portugal, you become eligible to apply for the visa program. It can be done as an “individual investment” or with an “entity which is legal.” Moreover, the requirements do not end at this. The physical existence requirements or staying requirements within Portugal are described below. Continue with the article to know everything.

Which requirements are important for the visa?

Read the following points to know about the requirements:

1. An investment should be made for a minimum of 5 years.

2. In the beginning year, you need to stay in Portugal as a residence for 6-7 day. Further, in the next years, the stay is required for more than 14 days.

List of documents required for the visa

Your visa application is not sufficient to avail you the visa easily. Along with the application, you’re required to provide some documents as mentioned below:

  • Passport ID or any other authentic ID.
  • Legal proof regarding your Portugal entry.
  • Health insurance proof.
  • Record for the criminal history of the residence country.
  • Receipt for the payment fees.