Are You Aware of Guaranteed Way to Win the Power ball?

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Are You Aware of Guaranteed Way to Win the Power ball? What if all you had to do was to dabble through five numbers and a mega jackpot could be yours?

  • Don’t just mindlessly pick these digits.
  • Read on to see what methods can help you predict better.
  • Lottery tickets have enabled us to dream beyond our mundane lives to unusual extravagance.
  • Instead of just daydreaming, try your luck with Power ball.
  • Choose five numbers from 1-69 for the white slots and one from 1-26 for the red ones.
  • If you cannot decide for yourself, allow the terminal to choose for you.
  • If luck has your back, then you could grab a jackpot of 40 million US dollars.
  • You can play in 44 states, Washington DC, Puerto Ricco, and US virgin islands.
  • You can also play online at Lottoland, the top website for the lottery in the virtual world.

Whether you enjoy the game online or otherwise, follow our tips to win big.

Buy More Tickets

Now, this is a method that we all know to be reasonably obvious, buying more to win more.

But that is easier said than done.

While buying more seems lucrative, it does bring the question of budget.

Be careful not to spend all your savings on just hoarding tickets.

Form A Lottery Pool

A lottery pool is a good idea when you want to win big, but your budget restrains you.

In a group, you can buy more tickets, opt for multiple draws, thereby improving your chances significantly.

Also, when you play as a pool, you learn about different strategies that others employ, your knowledge also expands.

Right Numbers

There are a few numbers that surely improve your odds at winning the lottery.

Choose rare numbers, like your birthday, the day you joined work, the day you got engaged. In other words, different dates, and when you choose them, mean nothing to the algorithm.

Avoid repetitive numbers, numbers falling in the same group (like all 20s, all 30s, etc.).


This is another option worth exploring to improve your chances. While making the purchase, opt for the Powerplay feature.

When you choose this option, it provides a multiplier as high as 2, 3, or even 10 times on the non-jackpot prizes.

The multiplier number is chosen randomly.

PowerPlay feature per ticket costs about 1 USD (Rs 72.4).

Multiple Draws

Allow your ticket to be a part of multiple draws.

Buy a PowerBall subscription.

This puts your ticket in every consecutive draw.

The bonus to this subscription is that you get every 10th ticket for free.

Additionally, explore the option of playing your ticket in every draw, which is a different subscription package.

This has added advantage by amplifying your chances.


There is no foolproof method or a guaranteed formula to make it big in the lottery gamble.

One of these strategies or a combination of them will surely improve your chances.

However, be wise about spending your time and resources.

Plan carefully and play with a strategy in mind.