Advantages Of Using A Drop Tester In The Packaging Industry

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Advantages Of Using A Drop Tester In The Packaging Industry. Drop tester is an instrument used to test the degree of damage when the package is dropped from a certain height and test the impact resistance of the package during transportation. It is a useful equipment to ascertain the transport worthiness of solid fiber and corrugated boxes from all angles.

Drop tester is a widely used instrument in the packaging industry to test the strength of the solid fiber and corrugated boxes and the equipment can be custom made as per the client’s requirements in different specifications. Drop tester is electrically operated to lift the package and has a pneumatically operated release system. Good quality packaging is important to protect the contents from getting damaged due to jerks during shipment, warehousing conditions, machine or human error and climatic influences. A proper packaging test is required for safe transportation and storage as per the international standards.

During quality control inspection a drop test is performed on the packaging and goods to determine how they are affected once they hit the ground with force. The appropriate height and angle from which the carton is to be dropped depending on the total weight of the product and package. Drop tester is used to test the impact of free falling on packaging products and the evaluation is done for damage to the inner packaging, deformation, dents, or any other form of damage. The test is declared successful if there is no damage to the goods inside the box.

Things to be considered before undertaking a drop test on the packages

Packaging should be of good quality before it undergoes a drop test as the price of replacing damaged goods is always higher. Protective packaging is recommended for this purpose. Choosing the right structural design and proper thickness ensures an adequate level of protection to the contents inside. The positioning of products within the carton and proper labeling with directional arrows is another important aspect to be taken into consideration before conducting a drop test. The strength of the material is tested with respect to deformation and the drop tester establishes the transportation value of the packaged material in different types of cartons and boxes.

Some more facts about drop tester

When exporting or importing packaged products overseas, it is important to take all possible steps to ensure the safe delivery of the products without damage. This is where using a drop tester becomes important to ensure the cartons can withstand the impact after being dropped multiple times and from different angles. Drop height is determined based on the weight of a carton. A carton that weighs less than 10 kg will be dropped from a height of 30 inches while a carton weighing 45 kg will be dropped from a height of 8 inches. Cartons are dropped ten times during testing using a drop tester and the drop test is declared fail if there is damage to the exterior of the carton, damage to the products inside, scratches or dents to the products.