Boutique Hotels: What Are They Actually About?

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When traveling, at night you want to stay at a place that makes you feel like home and allows you to relax. You need a place to relieve yourself of the exhaustion of the entire day and want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated again. Your choice for a hotel to stay would determine all of that for you.

You can go for either the traditional hotels which have basic designs and are rather expensive or you can go for a boutique hotel which has a much richer design and are quite affordable as well.  

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels are characterized by their small size that includes anything from 10 to a 100 rooms and elegant design that offers a unique blend of modern design and traditional art. Boutique hotels are built at great locations and are made with specific design standards in mind.

Let’s briefly review some of the basic features of a boutique hotel         

Basic Features of a Boutique Hotel:

Small Size

Boutique hotels are quite smaller in size. In fact, this is the definition of a boutique hotel. They can have minimum 10 to about 100 rooms at most. When living in a boutique hotel, you feel like you are staying at a guest space in a personal home instead of a big hotel. You get treated as an individual and the services are catered as per your own needs. The environment is set up in a way that allows you to easily interact with other people staying at the hotel yet still keeping a certain level of privacy intact.       

Elegant Design

These hotels are known for their impressive designs. The elegant design starts from the entrance to the lobby and goes all the way to each and every room of the boutique hotel. Since these places are actually small, the management tends to make it look as impressive as they can to attract more customers. The design includes everything from historic carvings to latest design approaches that make your stay at a boutique memorable.      

Cultural Aspects in a Boutique Hotel Design

The design is built with keeping in mind the cultural aspects of the place that you are staying at. The design would most probably include hints to the cultural state of the place that you are visiting. You’d get to see the local flavor in each and everything that you see out there in the boutique. This makes these hotels an excellent tourist attraction as well.     

Personalized Services

One of the best things about boutique hotels is the way the staff and the management treats you. You get an extremely personal and intimate level of services that you would just never get in any other hotel. The staff listens to what you have to stay, and the management aspires to give you special attention for whatever you want from the management. You don’t get such extreme level of personal care from any other big hotel chain in the world. 

Excellent Quality of Services

The quality of services is quite remarkable. Although this is not the scale against which we can judge a boutique hotel as most of the hotel chains put a lot of pressure on quality of services and try their best to win over the people staying at their place.

Still, boutique hotels provide you with a penalized level of services as they promote individuality, gastronomy and clientele. The bottom line is, you ca expect a pretty decent quality of services from a boutique hotel as they have a small size.

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Final Words:

If you have never stayed in a Boutique hotel before then we suggest you definitely give them a try. You’d see a clear difference in the ambiance, the quality of service and the way the hotel staff caters to your needs. Try out a boutique hotel for your next stay during a vacation and get ready to have the time of your life.