Why is UAE the best place to earn your Teaching License?

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With all-year-round hot weather, great salary and packages and the opportunity to go for an exclusive vacation seasonally, UAE is the best place for teachers to start their teaching journey. Teaching jobs in the United Arab Emirates are, unsurprisingly, quite competitive. However, if teaching here is your dream then it’s time to work hard to achieve it. There is some UAE ministry of education teacher requirements that are supposed to be followed by the teachers to be a part of the teaching community in UAE.

To practice a teaching profession in UAE it is compulsory to be a 4 years minimum degree holder from the university. Other conditions are that the teachers should show a medical fitness report that has to be made in UAE, teachers should be free from any kind of criminal charges so a criminal clearance record should be submitted, original education certificate and if you have graduated from a university outside of UAE then you need to attest your degree from ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation as well as country’s embassy in UAE.

An international teaching license is the most important first step when opting for a teaching job abroad. UAE ministry of education teacher requirements also emphasis on international teaching license to be mandatory on all the teachers in both private and public schools. In UAE they have a whole system related to licensing which is known as the teachers’ licensing system. This system was tested in 2017 and will be compulsory for principals, vice-principals, teachers, managers, etc to hold a UAE teacher’s license to work legally in the UAE.

5 Reasons why you should get an International Teaching License?

Your chances of earning a higher salary increases

Once you have your international teacher’s license in your hand it is very easy to demand a higher salary. Salaries are based on total years of experience as well as being certified for an international teaching license can be a big advantage.

· Competitive edge

Let’s say 30 applicants are applying for a teacher’s job. Among them only 2 of them hold the international teachers’ license, they will be the first ones to get the interview call. It’ll help you stand out from all the other candidates.

· More job opportunities

Getting years of experience can be great but once you go through the procedure of teachers licensing it will open your eyes to teaching methods you may have never known about. Also now there are large numbers of international schools that don’t take teachers who aren’t licensed.

Reasons why to Choose a Teaching Career in the UAE

· Fringe Benefits

There are many non-financial benefits that teachers can enjoy during their career in the UAE. These include paid flights, living accommodation, health insurance and much more.

· Salary

Since the UAE has a booming economy and its overseas investment markets are huge and continuously growing, they tend to offer high salaries. Many teachers have tax free salaries as well but that depends on the teacher’s experience and the school in which they are employed.

· Job security

It is very important to feel secure in your job and not to have the fear of being dismissed. Here in UAE, a large number of schools provide contracts of two to three years so you can feel safe in your position.

· Culture

All the cities in the UAE have a unique culture which means you can learn a lot after teaching even outside the classroom. There are so many people moving to UAE which increases the diversity of the cultures. You can meet people anywhere in the world.

· Reputation:

Due to the high reputation of UAE getting a job can be quite competitive but once you get it, it’ll serve as a glowing example of your ability to stand out among professors worldwide. All the world’s best-renowned universities are opening up campuses in UAE. They already have a good reputation associated with their names.

Many people after some years tend to go back to their home country. But after clearing international teaching license you can go back to your hometown and still teach online. Having the license is one of the online teaching degree requirements. This means after retirement teachers can continue to provide education online. This shows how feasible it can be for teachers to teach anywhere from any part of the world without any hassle.

It is a very rewarding experience to be a teacher but it’s even more rewarding when teaching in Dubai and learning something new every other day. In UAE you get to experience a job that gives you more room to grow and learn than in any other part of the world. If you were confused about starting your career as a teacher in UAE then this reading will help you clear up your mind.