3 Best Cash Registers for Small Business

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As a small business owner, you’re always looking to save here and there. Your cash register is something you can save the most on. Cash registers for small business are designed with the user experience in mind. They also prevent loss of time and productivity and cloud-based ones are safer than traditional ones. As you know, security is crucial for small and average-size enterprises. As you shop around for a cash register, do ask your prospective vendor about their security policy and details. Here are the three best cash registers for small businesses we were able to test.

1. Casio PCR-T273 Electronic Cash Register


  • The price is fair
  • Uses electricity and batteries
  • Has a large LCD screen in front and behind
  • Calculates customer’s change
  • The compartment can be locked
  • Can customize receipts

Casio is a producer with an excellent reputation, producing a wide variety of quality office and home items to make people’s daily lives more productive and easier. Their electronic cash registers are an example of this. The PCR-T273 is one of the best cash registers for small business, balancing performance with cost and combining style with functionality in a well-designed cash register.

The register runs on batteries and electricity. You do not need to worry about power outages. Also, with the Casio T-273 cash register, every single transaction will be backed up. You will never lose a single one. Always make sure the batteries you are using have juice. 

  • Highly Efficient 

When you subtotal and enter the amount tendered, the Casio T-273 will calculate exactly how much change you are supposed to give the customer back. You don’t need to burden your mind with math.  

This cash register enables you to include your number and the name of your store on the receipt if you desire. This unique feature can help you win new or repeat customers. It also allows you to keep very clear records of all your daily transactions. The register’s single tape thermal printer issues receipts. Use a hard printed journal tape to keep records.

  • User-Friendly

The Casio T-273 has a large LCD screen back and front, letting the customer view the prices being entered by the operator on the machine. It also has 999 PLUs and 8 departments for tracking individual item sales. The lower part has a durable metal cash drawer with 5 compartments for coins and 4 for bills, which you can lock with a key.

2. Square USB Printer and Epsilont Cash Drawer


  • Has email marketing platform
  • Can be connected to apps that can streamline your business
  • Can be connected with other PoS software
  • Comes with USB receipt printer, cash drawer, and iPad stand
  • Different options for providing receipts

The Epsilont cash drawer is durable and sturdy, made of steel with an anti-corrosive, black powder-coated finish. The drawers are fitted with a latch and roller bearings so it slides opened and closed. The machine’s lock has 4 functions. These include: 

  • The drawer can be locked when it is closed
  • opened with the aid of a connected host device electronically 
  • opened manually
  • locked when open

The security, finish, locking features, sturdiness and durability are all reasons why this cash register is one of the best ones for small businesses. It can be placed conveniently on a small counter or under it by means of mounting brackets.

With Square’s POS system, your employees won’t require extra training thanks to its simple user interface. You can drag and drop items, divide your items into categories, personalize it to your taste and place popular items in the most noticeable areas. What is more, it is the first eco-friendly POS printer in the world, decreasing paper consumption by three-fourths thanks to its smart paper management system. 

The register has a tip option suggestion mechanism. It notifies you when an item is running low and can change details of any item in real-time. What is more, there is absolutely no need to set up different processing accounts. This is because you can take checks, different types of cards, cash and even gift cards with your POS system and take payments both offline and online.

3. Royal TS1200MW Touchscreen Cash Register with 12″ LCD Screen


  • Simple user interface
  • Up to 5000 PLUs
  • Automated tax calculation
  • Alerts the sales clerk verify customer’s age with ID
  • Prints both alphabets and numbers
  • User prompts enables easy operation
  • Has a touchscreen

The Royal TS1200MW makes it simple for everyone to use, making it our third choice. It has a touch screen and most of its functions are performed via the right key on its screen. The intuitive menu guides you through any task you want to get done. This is a simple electronic cash register equipped with an integrated journal giving information on the date and every detail of stored data.

The machine calculates 4 or more tax rates automatically. These include VAT, add-on, and Canadian tax. The high-quality LCD touch screen is colored and 12 inches wide. 

This product lets you program at least 5000 PLUs, which is great if you want to sell fast. To protect against selling items like tobacco or alcohol to underage customers, the Royal TS 1200MW prompts the sales clerk to verify age by asking for ID. Also, the machine protects the stored memory using an internal rechargeable battery.


The aim of this cash register review for small businesses was to provide you with expert knowledge of the best cash registers available on the market right now. This brief listing is some distance from exhaustive. It is merely indicative of some of the machines that will help you run your small business more easily and smoothly. They are easy to maintain and set up and have some very useful features. 

Yet, we always recommend deciding what you want in a cash register before committing to a vendor. This is the best way to make sure you’re getting a machine that suits your business needs.