Tracking Enterprise Operations with Mobility Solution in Single Window

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Tracking Enterprise Operations with Mobility Solution in Single Window. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution is a combination of distinct parts of management – mobile device management, mobile content management, and mobile identity management. EMM solution automates the process of securing enterprise data and the devices and simultaneously makes the device user ready. This further allows the admin staff to emphasize on other critical tasks and processes.

Enterprise mobility is super beneficial. If it’s a multinational company or a business running different branches at different locations, employees need to use unified management software and for that, they require a mobile device. This can be a rewarding decision if done right.

What happens if you let employees use their personal devices?

You must understand that when it comes to data security structure, you cannot trust humans at all. People lose smartphones, their devices get infected with viruses, or they copy data and mishandle it. This issue is concerning. When you let employees use their personal devices, you can’t be sure that the data inside the device is completely secured. How will you prevent the mishandling of enterprise data?

Balance user accessibility

When the company employees need to go through multiple steps just to log in to the system, they will start avoiding the use of the app and will only access it in case of an emergency. Apart from this, they may even download a third-party app with better accessibility and similar features. Who will use an overprotected corporate messenger when better options are available in the market? For a successful strategy, user-friendly interface and access is a must of enterprise mobility solution.

Make better choices between BYOD and corporate devices

BYOD is an ideal option when it comes to reducing investments incorporate hardware. The range of tablets, mobiles, laptops and their OS that require different updates challenge the ability of IT departments to keep update with software changes throughout different endpoints.

Change data protection measures to operational needs

Data access varies and corresponding with the way company employees engage with the application. If enterprise mobility targets tracking activities or the data which is feed and further processed, access to records can be partially or completely closed. When there is a need of access of some data, multilevel protection can be added by the enterprise.

How to choose an enterprise mobility management solution for your business?

If you want to avail maximum benefits of mobility, you must start thinking beyond mobile device management and embrace EMM solutions instead. EMM is a more comprehensive solution that caters to other mobile management components like app management, email management, and device management.

If you get multiple options of EMM and you cannot decide which one to pick, here are some tips to remember-

  • Understanding the needs of the business-  You must know the tools and feature sets required by your business
  • Find a suite – It is better to find a suite that offers most unified IT experience for business needs
  • User experience – A positive user experience is something to bet upon. You must check that the user experience you are offering must not be over-regulated.
  • Look beyond mobile – It is better to get a suite that manages the entire endpoint ecosystem, including laptops and desktops.
  • A futuristic approach– Always follow the trend and ask how EMM service is getting evolved in the future.

How EMM solution benefits the business?

EMM solutions include an array of functionalities that help you secure and manage the mobile fleet of the business from a single point. Regardless of the owner of the device, IT admin is able to set up, deploy, locate, secure, and manage devices from a remote location.

The list of benefits offered by EMM solution-

  1. Handle multiple devices from a single point
  2. Configure profiles, restrictions, and policies
  3. Segregate personal and company data on devices for better and robust mobility security
  4. Enforce device security measures and comprehensive app
  5. Detect jail-broken and rooted devices and report about them
  6. Track assets with configurable reports
  7. Reduce the count of IT help desk calls using a remote device
  8. Revoke and wide devices of your choice

The enterprise mobility market will hit $4.5 billion by 2020 (as per the market survey) The Enterprise mobility solutions are already accessible for enterprises since it has a long list of vendors. Moreover, consumers base their preferable EMM solution on customer support, pricing, and UX/UI qualities instead of feature set. 

Enterprise mobility plays a significant role in any business since it offers flexibility and choice to employees. This further enhances satisfaction level and productivity of the employees. They can manage to track of enterprise operations using the app in a single window. You can avail EMM solution from mobility solution vendors in your area. Just make sure you check their past experience and profile before hiring them for a project.