10 Qualities you must-have for an administration job

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Are you looking up for the administration job? Do you exactly know that what is an administration job is? What does you represent by sitting on the administration counter? These all are the questions that arrives in every one’s mind whoever is interested for the administration job and want to work as an administration officer. Are you really aware from this fact that this is the dream job of most of the people, because it has its own charm and fun? By sitting on the administrative chair, you really have your own authority which allows you to become an admiring and inspiring personality because this position really allows you to get your swag on.

As it is the new era, that has come up with thousands of solutions for a single task, so finding this dream job is now as easy like it was never before. Many of the job search portals and different websites  like Administration jobs Sydney has proved themselves as a helping tool for this task, So don’t hassle up yourself that it would be a difficult task, because it is not at all now.

You can say that an administration officer in the face of the company, as it clearly reflects and represent the company’s image to the customers and audience directly. So, you can say that it is one of the most crucial job types also. Because the whole firm is going to be represent and reflected by you. So, there should be a grace in your personality, your attitude should be appropriate so that you can be called the right fit for the position.

 So, as you see that there are numbers of important qualities that should have to be present in the person who wants to work for an administration job. Out of them some are interpersonal and some are intrapersonal skills which you have to adapt so that you can work on the peak of professionalism and can count yourself as an important asset for your organization. So, let’s come and find out the points or qualities that you should have in yourself if you want to work for this job role.

An owner of great and graceful personality

As you are going to work as a face of the company, so you should have an attracting personality. By an attracting personality I mean that you should have an inspiring presence, you should have that charisma and spark in your personality you got noticeable by every single eye. Should be presentable in a professional manner, should have a decent and sober dressing sense accord to the office environment but should be trendy, classy and stylish too. So, try to be an attractive personality, for that choose the right and appropriate dressing, with statement accessories. And glow in your job role with a charm.

Communication skills

An attractive personality is always incomplete without a great communication style. By good communication skills we mean that you should be fluent in the language that is being used in your office to communicate, you should be also an expert of English language too with a good accent, because[H1]  it is the most commonly used language that people use to communicate. Along with that you should be soft-spoken, should have the right voice pitch, it should not be too high or too low. Your voice and communication style should be voice able and easy to understand. So, try to have a good communication skill in you, because it really does matter.

Qualified with a colorful educational background

You should be rightly qualified for this job role. If we say rightly qualified then we mean that a person who is perfectly literate, should have an enough level of education with him/her self so that he can perform well in his role, can understand the job role and tasks that are going to assigned to him/her. Should be computer literate also so that he/she can perform the assigned tasks easily and in fast pace. So, you should must have a good educational background with you.

Time management

Yes, with all the other qualities that you should have, one more important quality that can make you the perfect choice for this role is that how punctual you are, and do you really have the time management skills in you?

In-office world, as we all know that we are being assigned multi-tasks at a single time, we have to perform like a pro in all task without any fault and delay. So, for that case we should have time management skill in ourselves so that we can perform the task in an organized way. By this skill you can grow like anything in a corporate world because if you have orderly organized each and everything by time management then my dear no one can stop you.!


Confidence is the key to success, and there is no doubt about this saying. Be confident no matters how many tasks has been assigned to you, or no matter in which sort of crucial situation you are. Just be composed, be focused, organized and be confident. Your confidence will make your personality and your work strong and will make you fly in the success clouds.

Self-starter/ Not dependable

This can be count as one of the most important quality for this job role. In an administration role you can face many situations where you can not depend on another person or on your colleague. This role requires a person who really have the self-starter trigger in his personality so he/she cannot stuck in any situation or task and can perform his operations smoothly without depending on others or without looking other’s faces for help or guidance.

Prompt decision maker

Yes, it is quite important yet difficult thing at the same time to be a prompt decision-maker. But you should have this wise thinking and guts in your self that you would be able to make the best, wise and prompt decisions. Because this role is fully packed with such situations which demand a prompt and right decision. So, try to be a wise and prompt decision-maker.

Passion for serving clients/ customers

Without this quality, you can not even think to perform well in this role. There should be a passion for serving. You should be professionally friendly with your clients and customers. Should have the right approach with you, in your personality, work, voice. Try to serve your best services while working for this role, and dint forget to serve with passion and smile on your face.

A rocking multitasker

You should be a multitasker, as you know that this job role has many tasks to perform you would be using laptop, would be serving to clients, making important documents. So, you should be a person that can work under pressure and be a multitasker who does not take the pressure on his head and shoulders or get hassle up. You should be the one who can remain calm and focused towards his/her work and can greatly perform no matters how much pressure you have or how many tasks you have. So be a multitasker and rock in your role.

Obey office policies and confidentiality keeper

Yes, as this role may have many of the confidential and secrets ongoings happenings and information of your company. So, you should have the secrete keeper quality in you. Never ever try to share any confidential or private information about your job role or company to anyone, this is totally unprofessional, unethical and not tolerable. Many of the office policies has a zero-tolerance policy regarding this point, so obey the policies.


So, these were the some of the qualities, out of many that you must have in your self if you want to work for an administration job. So if you really want to pursue your career in this specific area so try to adopt these qualities in you so that you can easily get selected by saying that Yes, you are the perfect and right person for this position and in your role you can bloom and gloom.