10 Ways to cancel your prepaid visa cards

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Prepaid card is a banking card, used as an alternative to cash. It’s different from other banking cards like debit or credit cards in the sense that you spend money that you have loaded beforehand onto the card.  By using a prepaid card, you can have a safer way to keep money in one place, unlike cash. It can also be used with merchants or credit card companies that are compatible with its payment methods like visa or Mastercard.

Due to its functionality, it has taken the name as a pay-as-you-go card. It can also be called a daily chores purpose reloadable card. This option is available for people who for some reason can’t get their bank account opened. Owning a prepaid card means you are the only owner of a transaction account that is under the control of the bank.

You can’t spend more than the amount you have loaded onto the card i.e. your purchases have to be within the amount in the card. If by chance your purchase exceeds the amount in the card, the purchase is either discarded or you are notified to reload the card. Prepaid visa cards are usually preferred because they are easy to get and don’t require bank account access.

Recently, it is observed that there has been a major decline in the use of prepaid cards because of many reasons. Users find them more inconvenient than feasible because these card companies charge a fee for every action be it purchasing, reload, transaction or unused card for a long time.

This has led many people to the cancelation of the prepaid card but due to unawareness and lack of information about how the cancelation procedure is carried out, they feel distressed.

 Below discussed are ten ways you can use to get your prepaid visa card canceled.

  1. The first way to get your card canceled is simply spending the entire money loaded and don’t reload the card when the company notifies you. By this procedure, you can easily get rid of the card and the ample fees that you had to pay previously. In case the company notifies you, you can inform the company that you no longer need it. You can also cut the card into small pieces and dump it.
  2. Another way is informing the customer care service through a phone call. On the website of Visa, there are contact details provided, all you need is to reach out and inform. They will guide you through the cancelation procedure and it will help you achieve your goal in a safe and fast way.
  3. Thirdly, you can also inform credit card company service by writing them a letter in which you will have to state your details and personal information. Along with that, you will be required to state the reason for cancelation. A written procedure is reliable and authentic due to bank frauds and scams. Also, because if someone claims to be you i.e. identity theft, you can produce a legal written letter to prove that your identity is being used and it’s not you. This can save a lot of trouble.
  4. Additionally, you can inform the service by emailing them. If writing a letter seems hectic, you can email your details and reasons to the visa company and they will assist you with the entire procedure. This procedure is more convenient and easier.
  • In some cases, users want to cancel their cards, but their cards are still loaded, for such people the way it can be used is requesting a cheque. They can apply for cheque leaf in the bank and upon getting it, they can get their remaining money out of the card. When you call the customer care department, you need to inform them that your account is empty. Otherwise, if there is money still available on the card, it will be lost forever once the card is canceled.
  • Its seen that when customers call for cancelation, the company usually offers deals like discounts or offs to save their customers from losing because obviously, that is wrong for the image of merchants. If you find their offer resonating and conducive, you can make the most of it. So, it’s important to consider the offer too but again you have the right to reject the offer and get your card canceled.
  • You’re supposed to confirm your cancelation by writing a letter to the company. The letter will help to ensure that the account is really closed. At times a spokesperson may not be a reliable person to depend on for such legal matters so it’s better to stay on the safe side and keep things in writing in case of any mishap.
  • You also need to withdraw the cash before the cancelation procedure. You can withdraw it in the form of money through check or bank account transactions.
  • It’s important that you request a credit card company to issue the purchase report of your prepaid card so you can better manage your future account and save your money from getting wasted on card fees.
  • People should opt for credit cards and debit cards instead of prepaid cards because the risk of identity theft is greater here. Also, credit and debit cards don’t charge a fee for using the card.


We can safely conclude that where prepaid cards have many benefits, their cons are equally there. The benefits include that it doesn’t require bank account access to withdraw money, it’s very convenient to use for on the go chores or for grocery shopping. It also saves you the trouble of credit checks. You can also not overstep on your budget because if your purchase exceeds the monetary limit of the card, your purchase gets discarded automatically. But apart from that, the company charges a lot of fees for every service be it a transaction, purchasing or for using a card even. They also deduct the use tax. In no way the prepaid card is economical and that’s the reason many people are opting for its cancelation.

There are also many ways that are present before people to choose from, all these methods inform the audience how to perform a successful cancelation. These methods include contacting the customer care department or emailing them to request for card cancelation. If email isn’t feasible, you can reach out to representatives by phone call. You are also required to submit a written letter to the company stating your reason for card cancelation with your card and personal details.

It’s also important that you withdraw the remaining cash in your account before calling the company because once the card is canceled, all data will be lost, and your stored money will come under the custody and authority of the bank. So, it’s advisable to properly check your finances before contacting the company representative for card cancelation.