The Types Of Moving Services

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If you are moving, you have a lot of choices to make. While choosing the right moving company is important, you also need to select the right moving service. There are different moving services offered by moving companies, and you need to understand what each entails. 

1. The Full Moving Service

This is the most expensive moving service you can get, but it also takes all the pressure of moving off you. If you do not want to deal with any aspect of moving, this is the service for you. As the name suggests, the moving company will offer a full service and take care of everything from start to finish.

Companies that offer this service will be responsible for packing, loading, shipping, unloading, and unpacking your possessions. Sit back and let them do the work. This is ideal for people who are busy at work or who do not want the effort of packing. 

While these services generally cover everything, some movers will cover more than others. Some moving companies will not unpack your possessions once they have been delivered. The costs of this service will also vary depending on the company. Moreover, you will find that these costs vary from city to city. For example, the price of a self storage facility in Bristol will cost less than a unit in London, Glasgow, or Brighton.

2. The Partial Moving Services

Most people use partial moving services without realizing it. These services include movers loading, transporting, and unloading your boxes and furniture. Packing services and special item moving services and storage services also fall under the category of partial moving services. Packing everything yourself is the route that most people take. These people will employ movers to transport their items only, and this is the most common partial service.

Some moving and storage companies offer this service on a curb to curb basis. This means they will pick up your items from outside your home store them for a couple of days in their storage units if you want them to and then finally unload them outside your new home. You need to completely understand the partial service you are getting.

Another partial moving service is the packing service where professionals pack everything in your home. This ensures that everything is correctly packed and reduces the chances of breakage during the move. This service does not go any further than packing, and the transporting of the items requires a separate partial moving service. If you are going to move everything yourself physically, this could be a good service to have to ensure everything is safe. 

The last partial service commonly offered is a special item moving service. As the name suggests, this is not a service that everyone will need to use. You should only consider this service if you have an item of high value or difficult to move. Some of the common things this service covers are grand pianos, artwork, and boats.

3. Portable Moving Services

A moving service that has become more popular in recent years is the portable moving service. This is also known as a pod moving service. When you use this service, the moving company will deliver a portable storage container to your home.

You will then be responsible for packing your items into the storage container. Once you have finished loading everything, you will call the moving company, and they will pick up the container. It will be delivered to your new home.

This moving service has gained popularity because it offers the utmost convenience. You can take your time loading everything. The pricing for this service is also better than traditional movers. If you are considering this service; you will need to look at the fine print.

Considered how you will be charged would be best for the time it takes to load the container. Some companies will charge by the day while others have a set amount of time for you to load everything. The size of the containers will also impact the price with larger containers costing more. 

When considering this service, you also need to consider where the container will be placed. If you have a driveway, it can be placed there, but you may not be able to park your car close to it. When you stay in an apartment, you need to find out from the building management where the container can be placed. If you are moving, you need to think about the moving service you want. There are many types, including full and partial services. You can consider the services of a company that provides both moving and storage services.