Why the Agriculture Industry in the US is Choosing Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags

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Science and agriculture go hand in hand in developing better ways to feed the people and protect the environment in the process. Around the world, agriculture is scaling food production in response to the demands of ever-increasing populations. More than volume, however, agriculture is focusing on making food production a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective industry.

For agricultural producers, this equates to choosing more sustainable means of packing, storing, and transporting goods. PP bags manufacturers work hand in hand with agricultural producers to ensure a better way of preserving the quality of food products and making their transport and storage more cost-efficient and kinder to the environment.

What PP Bags are all about

Woven polypropylene bags (or poly weave bags) are the best choice when it comes to agricultural packaging. Alternatives like PVC, paper, or PE plastics pale in comparison when it comes to quality and effectiveness in protecting different kinds of products and keeping them fresh for longer. 

Newer research and innovations are highlighting the benefits of woven polypropylene bags even more in terms of PP bags’ capability to store food longer and transport food further while reducing wastage and spoilage. Below are even more reasons why PP bags manufacturers recommend poly weave bags as a superior packaging option:

  1. Poly weave bags beat out every other packaging option in nearly every criterion that determines cost and value. Not only can PP bags hold more weight—but they also can last much longer than other packaging plastics. PP bags hold up to transport and handling and can protect products from the elements in bigger and better ways than other alternatives.

    Replacing damaged packaging or losing product to breakage or spoilage translates to added (preventable) cost. By switching to woven polypropylene bags and PP packaging options, you can take advantage of reduced cost from wastage and spoilage, which makes PP a more sustainable, long-term packaging option.
  2. Versatility is another major advantage of woven polybags. PP bags manufacturers typically laminate these bags to enable direct printing onto the packaging. This makes it easy and simple to identify contents as well as to market products and promote branding.
  3. PP bags offer better biodegradability than other plastic packaging options. PP is a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional plastics. When discarded, it breaks down much quicker and causes much less harm and impact to the environment, keeping toxins out of and away from the water table and keeping the same out of the food chain.
  4. When it comes to durability, polypropylene also takes the cake. Its melting point is between 170 and 130 C, enabling it to withstand much higher temperatures while maintaining its shape than traditional PE and PB plastics (polyethylene and polybutene). This high-temperature resistance also makes PP the ideal choice for both the transportation and storage of agricultural products and foodstuffs, as well as for eventual reuse. Even with lamination and printing, the bag’s strength isn’t compromised, enabling businesses to create a more marketable, visually appealing product while minimizing cost and effort.
  5. When it comes to pest resistance, polypropylene bags win as the best packaging option thanks to their basic composition and design. Their inter-woven structure makes these bags highly resistant to insects, pests, and vermin, which stored foodstuffs are prone to. These are the kinds of preventable losses that can very easily be addressed with the right packaging option. Reduced losses and spoilage due to pests equate to much higher profit margins for businesses.
  6. Polypropylene likewise has lower gas permeability compared to other plastic packaging materials like polyethylene or cellophane. This low permeability means improved moisture control and significantly lower risks of mold and rot during storage. This also means that even when a variety of products are stored in close proximity to each other, odors cannot pass between containers.
  7. Finally, PP bags demonstrate high resistance to other extreme stressors like electricity, chemicals, and physical wear resulting from impact or stress. Polyweave bags have great weight resistance, hence their durability. They hold up to exposure to electricity and certain chemicals, providing utmost protection for their contents.

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