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This article covers or mentions topics as AUTOSAR, embedded, non-AUTOSAR, scalability, IT outsourcing. Dorin Lapadat, the author, is a technical leader when it comes to complex embedded projects, also he is coordinating the implementation of the AUTOSAR standard.

How AUTOSAR changed the industry – In 2002 a new collaborative action has been created, the AUTOSAR standard. This changed how the automotive industry players interact and changed the face of the software developmentindustry forever. For better efficiency the improvement of the standard is still ongoing. When it comes to embedded, this standard is an absolute necessity for every player that wants to have a chance to succeed in the automotive industry.



Tier 1 manufacturers – they have a lot to gain using the standard. AUTOSAR saves time necessary to understand the formats or requirements of other manufacturers. With the help of AUTOSAR, the content of requirements is standardized. Therefore, tier companies can understand each other quickly, a fact that improves productivity and reduces time-to-production.

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How to avoid a big impact when it comes to changes

The answer is layered architecture. This assures that a given change will have the smallest possible impact on the whole project. When you are working on a non-AUTOSAR project and say during development there is a need to change one microcontroller or hardware component, almost every piece of software will have to change accordingly. Furthermore, these changes will take up expensive time that not only will delay the process but hence the whole project will cost a lot more.

But, with this layered architecture, only one layer will be affected. Therefore, only the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer will need to be redesigned.

No single-use

With AUTOSAR, the software is independent of the hardware.

With AUTOSAR, the software is independent of the hardware. This way is no need for the application to know where the inputs are coming from. Furthermore, it can be used again for other projects, saving time and other resources. Not using this standard will lead to re-developing the software components every time, based on hardware.


Huge projects are made up of several complex software components. This makes processes more complex.  When this is the case, using AUTOSAR is a must.

When a new software piece must be added, with the help of AUTOSAR one only needs to implement the inside algorithm. Adapting to the OEM environment is no longer needed.

With standardized interfaces, one can simply add new software components to the existing project.


Counting all the benefits of AUTOSAR, maybe scalability is the most impressive.

Finally, AUTOSAR allows any software created to be scaled. This is a very important part to the story, especially for huge, complex projects that need changes very fast.

Using AUTOSAR is highly beneficial to everyone.

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