Top Growing Industries in Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte, NC has become one of the most industrious cities not simply in the state but in the country, as well. This city, also referred to as Queen City, is home to approximately 810K residents. The surrounding urban area has a population of 1.2M. According to the World Population Review, Charlotte is the 17th largest city in the U.S. As a bustling metropolitan destination, it attracts residents, businesses, and corporations to the area.

According to Patch, Inc. Magazine, they published a report that looked at 5K of the fastest-growing companies between 2014 and 2018 in the country. Included on this list were 135 of these companies representing a variety of industries operated in NC. Charlotte itself is home to 50 of the top companies listed in the report. 

This list shows not only what unique businesses represent these industries. It is also a good resource for others considering Charlotte, NC for their future business opportunities. There are many different ways to tap into this growth. Some will choose to start a business or franchise, while others will expand current operations. The list provides a bit of insight into the type of growth that individual industries are experiencing.

Here are 6 of the Top Growing Industries in Charlotte, NC:

1. Retail

There are many different businesses that fit under the umbrella of the retail industry. Clean Juice, which is a juice bar franchise type of business. During this time frame, it saw 1+K % growth and earned $4.9M in revenue.

2. Printing and Publishing

The Charlotte Business Journal took a closer look at some of the businesses that made the Inc. list. One example in this category is a business called Printful. This is a Latvia-based, print-on-demand company that is operating in Charlotte.

3. Manufacturing

Companies in this category of industry, produce a wide array of products to customers and vendors. Sapex is one of the companies that offer manufacturing expertise to the areas. It develops and also supplies advanced materials solutions.

4. IT System Development

The IT System Development industry is essential to businesses in most fields and industries. This is why it is one of the tops in the state of North Carolina. The level represents the industry and saw growth of 794%, according to the report. This company specializes and provides clients with full-service technology consulting and strategies.

5. Construction

There are various portions of the country that are still seeing growth as it relates to commercial and residential real estate. Relevant industries, such as construction also tend to experience this sort of growth. Pre Pro Homes fit in this category and even managed to earn $9M during the period reviewed.

6. Health

In some cases, the companies in the Health industry provide specific types of care to patients. There are others that offer services that enhance this care. LMK Clinical Research Consulting is another company on the list. It successfully experienced 470% growth and earned $2.8M in overall revenue.

Local attractions in Charlotte make it a well-rounded place to live in North Carolina and a lucrative spot for business. The city is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Concord Mills, and a list of amusement parks, museums, and vacation resorts.

These offerings make it easy for industries to not only meet their objectives but to also expand business opportunities from this popular and modern southern city. If you are working in any of the above industries, or are interested in the local attractions, contact Suddath, a Charlotte moving company. Their expertise and professionalism will make sure you have the best move possible!