13 Facts About Logistics That Will Impress Your Clients

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Facts About Logistics That Will Impress Your ClientsWe use unlimited products every day; many of them have become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever thought about their journey from being a raw material to the final product you are using at home? 

Everything ranging from your favorite morning coffee to that lovely dress in your wardrobe, the expensive ornaments to the utensils in the kitchen; all are somewhere connected to the supply chain. 

Planes, trains, cargo ships, and even the 18 wheeler you get stuck behind on your commute to work are all a part of the logistics supply-chain that helps deliver the Prime package to your door or your coffee shop’s inventory to their store.”

Many of you might be interesting to know some interesting facts about the logistics sector. Well, you landed on the right page. Here we are going to talk about 13 unique facts about the logistics sector:

Logistics is the largest job creator:

As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the United States, the logistics sector serves more than 5 million employees in warehousing and transportation. As the population grows, demands keep on rising, and the silent heroes in the supply chain sector take on the responsibility of supporting people across the country. Although this workforce faces a huge challenge every day; the logistics sector still keeps on hiring new people.

Logistics industry comprised of 6 sectors:

While being one of the largest industries in the world, logistics is mainly composed of 6 different branches. Transportation is divided into rail, air, maritime, and road; the other two important sectors are warehousing and storage. However, all these sectors stay highly connected to each other to ensure the timely delivery of goods to the consumers. 

Logistics was developed during second world war:

Today, thanks to the impact of globalization, it has become much easier to transport materials overseas. But it was a matter of life and death a few decades ago. The concept was introduced when countries decided to send troops to deliver essential supplies to soldiers for survival during the second world war. However, with time, experts found many economical and optimal ways to master the art of what we now know as ‘logistics’. 

Logistics is the backbone of all other businesses:

No matter where you live and what kind of business you are running, you will always need logistics to operate. Even the farmers’ rural areas require some form of supply chain services to bring their products to consumers. If the logistics sector stops running even for a single day, it can cause huge losses to the global businesses and the global economy.

Logistics is now getting automated:

The latest advancements in the automation sector have brought new growth to the logistics arena. The automated systems make the entire processes more efficient and flexible while ensuring easy transportation and storage of goods. Robots are now replacing warehouse workers and tracking trucks to ensure quicker and easier for deliveries. 

Logistics is the driving force behind online retail:

People these days find it much convenient to order products from the comfort of their own home. The biggest reason behind this new trend is that people can rely on the fast delivery times and efficient networking systems offered by the ever-expanding supply chain industry. Online retail service providers can collaborate with logistics businesses in order to serve their audience with ease. 

Logistics is making same-day delivery a new standard:

With efficient technologies and advanced systems, it has now become possible to ensure same-day delivery for customers across the globe. Retailers and buyers are receiving incredible benefits from this advancement which is highly profitable. 

Logistics and bit data analytics:

Supply chain companies are now becoming more aware of the impact of big data analytics. They are collecting real-time data from many markets in order to understand trends so that stock can be maintained to better serve people’s needs. 

Logistics support overseas shopping:

How amazing it is to order a product from the United States and get it delivered just in two-three days somewhere in Italy. It is now possible to order products from anywhere in the world and get it delivered faster than ever. Logistics is now supporting easy shipping between different countries. 

Logistics can be powered by AI:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opening new opportunities in the logistics sector. It is now possible to automate things to ensure easy management of all processes. AI provides the opportunity to enjoy real-time monitoring of warehouses and helps to establish strong connections between teams. Software developers are designing feature-rich warehouse software to enhance the outcomes in the supply chain industry. 

Logistics and RFID makes a solid partnership:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has changed the trend in the logistics sector. The supply chain industries are now using RFID cards at warehouses to maintain adequate records of their inventory and shipping. It reduces the burden from warehouse teams and while promoting easy management of bulk products. 

Logistics has now become cost-effective:

The advancements in technologies is making the logistics sector more cost-effective. With the new trends, it has become easier to manage deliveries via air, marine and road networks. 

Logistics is becoming environment friendly:

The most amazing news about the logistics sector is that it is growing to be more environment-friendly. Supply chain industries are making efforts to reduce waste while also reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, the emissions from trucks are also minimized by utilizing the latest technologies. 

Well, now you have gone through all some amazing facts about the logistics industry. Without any doubt, this business sector is promoting sustainability while supporting the world economy.