Best Way To Organise Your Office Workstation

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Avoid the worst. Put safety first.

When you spend more than eight hours at your office workstation, even the tiny features of the workspace like the position of the monitor, height of the chair, can greatly affect your productivity and health. According to science, your workstation desk shouldn’t wear you down each day. But, that’s what the uncomfy chairs, poor lightning, messy desks, do! However, with a few adjustments, you can improve your working environment and keep your corner workstation from killing you. 


The quality of lightning affects your wellbeing and mood. Poor lighting, whether it’s dim or harsh will cause stress, eye strain, and fatigue. Natural light is the best kind of lightning which reduces stress, improves morale, aids concentration, decreases anxiety. Sunlight helps our bodies to maintain the internal rhythm that affects our sleep and energy. Make sure that your workstation desk is near a window where you keep on getting a boost from the sun. Another thing is the point of the source of lightning which needs to be uniform. Lightning must not cause any glare on the computer screen. Don’t sit with your back towards the window as it will shade the screen and you won’t be able to read. 

With the natural light, you’ll see everything happy and bright!


Can plants really help you work? This might sound silly, but, yes, one or two plants on your corner workstation can boost productivity and happiness. According to scientists, indoor plants eliminate fatigue during attention-demanding work. A window view of live greenery is also something that can keep you focussed. If there’s no plant on your desk, you might be missing out 15% of the productivity boost, as per the psychologists at Exeter University. 

Keep your office desk green and clean!


At most of the workplaces, employees battle every day with each other for the control of the thermostat. According to research by Cornell University, increasing the office temperature between 20° to 25° Celcius results in the fall of typing errors by 44%. Employees were able to type 150% more, just because of the temperature. This is why it might be seen that people are less productive during the summers. There’s no study that accounts for personal preference, so you must try experimenting with the office temperature and check what happens. If you can’t control the workplace temperature, then there’s always an option of wearing a sweater or getting a small fan for yourself on the desk, if it’s too hot. 

Buy ergonomic furniture and adjust the room temperature!


Talking about sounds, there are pleasant sounds and then there’s noise. Most often, you’ll deal with the latter. Your workplace stations must be in a place that is far away from the people’s conversations, keyboard clicks, chattering, notifications from the mobile phone, etc which can be a constant distraction. In this case, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones would work the best. Just pair it with soothing background music and you’re all set to begin your work peacefully. This is an awesome way to reduce workplace noise with creativity. 

Reduce workplace noise and sit with poise!


Colour Psychology is an interesting field of study. McDonald’s uses high energy colours like red and yellow to stimulate the appetites, Starbucks uses a green colour to promote a sense of peace and relaxation, and so on. Most of the brands represent their identity with the help of colours. The same must be the case with your office workstation. The office desk you sit on must have the colours that are subtly influencing your workdays. Because colours are something which makes us think, act, and feel. Let’s dive deeper into colours- 

  • Red is warming and energizing as it stimulates the pulses but is sometimes perceived as aggressive. You can keep something red in on your office desks for all the positive energy. 
  • Blue is a color that stimulates communication and aids concentration, however, some might feel it’s unemotional and cold. You can keep tiny blue pebbles in the bottle where your indoor water plant resides. 
  • Yellow color helps in lifting spirits but if you have a wrong tone at your office desk, it might make you feel anxious.  You can paint stones in yellow color, draw minions on them, and keep it on the desk to add fun.
  • Green is a reassuring color that balances everything. If you’ve tiny indoor plants at your workstation, you’ll never feel the need for this color. It denotes love, nature, and humanity. 

On the whole, you can keep the meanings of these colors in your mind and whenever you’re choosing to paint the home office, or shopping for the desk accessories, you can use them. These will help you stay focussed instead of being distracted. 

Surround yourself with bright colors and see the wonders!

To briefly conclude, one of the best ways to organize the office workstations is by keeping in mind the lightning, color, plants, sound, and temperature while you’re setting it for yourself. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds. 

Happy Organising!