Why Do People Don’t Get The Raise They Want?

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There are questions on why some employees are getting the raise they ask for, while others don’t get what they want. The best way to ask for a raise is through a personal meeting.  Well? There are many possible reasons, why some get it and why others don’t?  In this article, we will try to get some possible reasons why this is happening?

Reasons Why They Failed

Its Company’s Policy

Companies always have their schedule in giving bonuses and increments to their employees. Maybe the reason is that you talk to your manager about raise, when, it’s not yet within the company’s policy or it’s no longer in the budget.  So, you may need to wait for the next year’s budget. 

The Company Is Not Financially Sound

The reason may be the company’s financial status.  All companies are following a yearly budget and they don’t want to fall short on their budget.  If you ask for a raise and the company is already tight on its budgeting, then rest assured you will be denied at the moment.  Maybe, you will be asked to wait for the coming year.

Their Performance Is Not Good Enough

Increased in pay will give based on your performance.  Before you ask for any raise, make sure that you have been performing well or you have been productive and have given the company value.  This is one way of convincing your managers that you deserve an increase. 

They Are Receiving The Maximum Pay For The Position

Check if you are receiving the highest pay in your category.  There is a range of salary for every position.  If you already are receiving the maximum in your category, chances are, you won’t get what you want unless you are promoted to a higher position.

It’s The Wrong Timing

Timing is also important. If your company is having big procurement at the moment and have spent a considerable amount on this, they won’t be able to give a raise on salaries.  That will be overspending and may affect the entire operation of the company.  So, before you decide, observe first the situation.

You Talk To The Wrong Person

Oftentimes, it’s good to know the people in the company.  You may apply for the raise of your pay, but, you approached the wrong guy.  Or maybe, you approached the person wrongly, by the phone or by SMS. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of when you ask for a raise.  Just, get the right timing and make sure that you deserve it.