How Long Does a Background Check Take?

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Doing a background check is an inexpensive and fast way to find potentially important details about a potential employee, business partner, or someone in your personal life. Doing a background check online speeds up the process immensely.

Ordering a background check from a reputable online site gives you have a complete background in a matter of minutes. The type of information available is usually sufficient for the needs of most people. Most online background checks will include criminal records, financial information, work history, social media profiles, marriage and divorce records, pending or resolved lawsuits as well as personal details like phone numbers and any prior addresses.

Though some of the information contained in a background check is available to you through public records searches, it would take a lot of time and effort to gather the information. Using a service like Check People to do the work for you, for a reasonable fee, saves you hours of effort and gives you a reliable and concise report.

Why are online background checks faster than traditional reports?

Online background reports use sophisticated algorithms to check information stored in online databases. The software uses the information you have, such as a name and state of residence, to check all applicable online databases. Generating the report that contains whatever information was found only takes a few minutes.

Check People is one of the fastest sites for a comprehensive background check. For a first time user, it usually takes anywhere from five to ten minutes to create your account, order the background check, and have it delivered to your email. Once you have an account, the process is even faster. Check People also has a feature that gives you the option to monitor changes to a person’s background information via email updates.

Traditional background reports, which utilizes many of the same databases, can take anywhere from a few minutes to thirty days. These reports, which are much more costly, do contain more detailed information about all criminal history from every state, as well as information about any federal cases involving the person. Though this level of detail is necessary for some high-security jobs, it is usually not needed for the general purposes for which most people run background checks.

How much do online background checks costs?

There are a variety of companies that offer online background checks. Many of these provide a flat rate for a single check or a subscription that allows you a certain number of checks per month. Even better, you can usually find a first-time subscriber deal to lower the initial cost of having a report done.

A basic online background check will costs anywhere from ten to forty dollars, depending on the service you use and the amount of information you need to be included in the report. If you are an employer, dating, or have any other reason to do background checks more than once a year, it is more cost-effective to have a subscription that allows you to do background checks when needed.

Having a subscription also allows you to do a background check on yourself, which gives you access to the information anyone would find when doing a background check on you. Having this information is valuable because it allows you to correct inaccurate information and be prepared to address any information that could come up. In the age of identity theft, keeping a check on your own background is a sound idea.

Background checks can help protect your business by doing due diligence in checking an employee’s background. They can also help protect you personally by doing a background check on partners, babysitters, or potential roommates. The money and minimal amount of time you spend doing an online background check can save you from facing unpleasant surprises in the future.