Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Card

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Have you started a new venture and now working on the final gears towards a professional brand? Are you looking for a business card shop to design a card for you?

The first thing that you’d want to do after setting up a business is to get your business cards ready. This will help you increase awareness about your brand and help people reach you out easily. But first, you need to know what to consider when choosing a business card.

The first impression

Your business card should suit your company values and niche. It should serve to communicate your relevant role and aim you wish to embark on. Remember that your business card introduces your brand to someone unaware and acts as a first impression to them. So, a sound and the thoughtfully designed card has a significant impact on brand awareness and increasing sales.

Size and shape of your business card

 When planning your business card, the first thing is to determine what dimensions you would want for your card and what shape it should have. You can choose from 8 pt cards to thicker cards of up to 32 pt. But make sure that your aim is clear to you. 8 pt cards look like paper while thicker cards are designed for printing on both sides without causing stains.

As for shapes, you can choose from horizontal or vertical rectangular cards to plastic cards of different shapes. People most commonly know horizontal and rectangular cards. However, if you wish to stand out, you can go for the vertical ones. Handyman business card templates have a variety of options for different company niches and roles.

Set a budget

 Stay within your budget. If you have allocated a greater amount for business card designing and printing, you can go for extra thick cards with an attractive shining layer between the two sides. But, if you are on a budget, go for a mediocre, economical business card that will meet your needs. In any case, don’t go beyond your financial plan as it will cost you with other things later.

Choose a suitable design

Choose a design and color scheme that best represents your business. You may choose to add a dress design to your card if you are a clothing venture. If flowers are what you sell, a blend of colors with a floral representation suits you best. The finishing of your business cards and the choice of material used will give an idea to your customers whether your company is an affordable option or you provide expensive services. Use both sides of the cards, and don’t forget to add your correct contact information for easy accessibility. Check out the handyman business card templates for ideas.

Be unique

Try to stand out from your competitors and be easily noticeable. Whether through embossing, foil finish, or a different card shape, being unique will enable your customers to remember you. Hence, this can be a source for your brand to sell more.

Converse with a designer

Planned everything and want to finalize it? Discuss with an experienced designer to set everything right. You can also reach out to a business card shop to do all the work for you and set your focus on other important affairs.